Whippany, NJ, USA

The Future is Now – Harnessing Big Data! 



This SDE was hosted by Bayer Corporation in Whippany, NJ on 10th July. Michael Badlani, Bayer and Hanming Tu, Accenture were the co-chairs and put together a spectacular agenda while Sylvana Bevacqua, from Bayer, ensured everything was set at the venue. 

The theme for this event was “The Future is Now – Harnessing Big Data!”, and we had over 110 registrants.

Christine Auriemma, Bayer, gave a fantastic keynote describing the industry maturity level and key working areas and roles in the continuum of turning big data into useful information.  Then the presentations kicked off discussing sample code, of Hadoop, NoSQL and Machine Learning. It then moved away from roles and code talking about cognitive analytics and evidence based decision making and the morning session was wrapped up a presentation on award winning student “Hack-a-Thon” projects and scenarios using cognitive informatics with smart devices.

After lunch, the latest about mHealth in Clinical Trials was discussed. Chris Hurley and Frank Senk, PHUSE directors then gave an update on the latest PHUSE happenings. Next, there was a talk about leveraging big data and key success factors for clinical trials, followed by a discussion with a case study on the challenges of employing a mobile medical application followed by ways to adapt to these challenges.

During the afternoon networking break, everyone enjoyed cupcakes sponsored by PHUSE to celebrate the year of the 100th SDE and then there was a presentation and demonstrations on Machine Learning (ML) and Deep Learning (DL) with an overview of some of the platforms and tools available.

The last session was the panel discussion with all the speakers invited up front to talk with the audience. The questions and topics were discussed ranging from ethical issues in data creation, to policies in data sharing, augmented reality to real world modeling, usefulness of robotic process automation (RPA) to concerns over the AI fully replacing developers, and more. The day was concluded after this very thorough discussion which heavily engaged our entire panel of guest presenters.

The attendees filled the auditorium and provided opportunities for excellent networking and responded with fantastic discussion and questions to our presenters.  This event was simply outstanding!



Keynote Speaker – Christine Auriemma, Bayer

Big Data for SAS Programmers - Hadoop, NoSQL Database and Machine Learning – Kevin Lee, Clindata Insight

Cognitive Analytics for Making Better Evidence-based Decisions – Christopher J. Asakiewicz, Stevens Institute of Technology

Latest in mHealth in Clinical Trials – A Brief Overview – Abi Velurethu, Bayer & Andrew Greenberg, Accenture

Leveraging Big Data in Clinical Trials – Basker Gummadi, Bayer & Shital Desai, Teradata

Challenges and Case Studies with Big Data in Clinical Trials – Casey Higgins, Chiltern

Leveraging AI and Cognitive Computing Technologies in Life Sciences; Challenges and Opportunities – Sameer Thapar, Oracle


Download the event brochure here.


SDE Chairs:

Michael Badlani, Bayer

Hanming Tu, Accenture




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