Which PHUSE Event Should I Attend?

Some would probably answer that you should attend all events as PHUSE is second to none with regards to networking, and the events help you keep up with changes in our industry. For most of us, though, this is not possible due to time and budget restrictions.

Our PHUSE events are different in both nature and set-up. PHUSE events started back in 2004 with the inaugural PHUSE conference in Heidelberg. Since then PHUSE has been organising events all over the globe. With that, we strive to meet the needs of our global membership to share, advance and connect. All our events are aimed at different audiences. If you are not sure which PHUSE event best suits your needs, then take a look at the event summary in the table below. We hope to welcome you at one of our next events.

PHUSE Brand Share Advance Connect


Single Day Event (SDE)

Computational Science Symposium (CSS)

EU Connect

US Connect

2020 Events

Single Day Events

CSS 2020

US Connect 2020

EU Connect 2020


All over the globe



Number of Attendees

40 to 200

250 to 300

500 to 800


1 day

2.5 days

3.5 days

Event Setup

Presentations, networking during breaks

Interactive Working Group sessions, updates from PHUSE Working Groups and regulatory agencies, sponsors, exhibitors, Poster Session, networking during breaks, regulatory presentations

Over 125 paper and poster presentations, Discussion Clubs, Hands-on Workshops, professional keynote speakers, sponsors and exhibitiors, networking during breaks and Connect Dinner


Company sites, hotels Civic Center, Silver Spring, Maryland,US

Conference centres or very
large hotels



Presentation slides, event summary in PHUSE Newsletter

Posters, event summary in PHUSE newsletter, webinars


Full papers, presentations, slides, posters, recording of keynotes, Connect brochure with abstracts, event summary in PHUSE Newsletter

Registration Costs

Free for PHUSE members

2020 pricing

Full ticket – Early Bird $475

Full ticket $675

Single $525

Poster Presenter $425

FDA $375

Committee Member $425


US Connect 2020 Prices can be found here.


Thinking of joining PHUSE?

Already a member but not sure how you can benefit?

PHUSE is an expanding, global society with a global membership of clinical data scientists. It requires a large pool of resources to help with its running, and so there are many opportunities for members to become involved. Whether it's chairing a conference, presenting at an event, leading a working group or contributing to the quarterly online newsletter, we are always keen to hear from volunteers.

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