23rd October 2019

3:00pm  (UK time)            4:00pm  (EU time)                10:00am  (US time)

Duration: 1 hour


John Hirst, PHUSE Finance Director - Welcome and BoD Update

Michael Harris, PHUSE EU Connect Chair - EU Connect Update 

Beate Hientzsch, HMS Analytical Software and Brigitte Bernhoff, UCB - New Project Knowledge Repository 

Zachary Skrivanek and Mary Nilsson, Eli Lilly - Sharing an Interactive Display in an FDA Submission Pilot

Hanming Tu, Frontage Laboratories - TS Domain Demo 

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2019 Past Webinars

Presentations are available in PowerPoint format, upon special request, for corporate use. If you would like to see webinars before 2019, please click here.


25th September: EU Connect 2019 & Working Group Project Updates Recording
Welcome and BoD Update John Salter, PHUSE EMEA Director
EU Connect Overview Michael Harris, PHUSE EU Connect 2019 Chair
Non-interventional Studies Yuliia Bahatska, Roche
Integrated SDTM/ADaM Reviewer's Guide Kiran Kundarapu, Merck & Satheesh Avvaru, MaxisIT
SEND QC Best Practices Michael Rosentreter, Bayer
24th July: CSS Review and Introductions to New Projects
Welcome and BoD Update Beate Hientzsch, PHUSE Education Director
EU Connect Overview Michael Harris, PHUSE EU Connect 2019 Chair
Design Thinking Prototype Ian Fleming, Medidata Solutions
Real World Evidence  Andy Richardson, Zenetar, David Hood, Pfizer & Sangeeta Bhattacharya, JNJ 
Define-XML Version 2.0 Completion Guidelines Marcelina Hungria, DIcore Group and Prafulla Girase, Biogen
19th June: CSS Review and Introductions to New Projects Recording 
Welcome and BoD Update 
Yvonne Moores, PHUSE Special Projects Director
Nonclinical CSS Breakout Summary Susan DeHaven, Sanofi
Standard Analyses & Code Sharing CSS Breakout Summary
Mary Nilsson, Eli Lilly
Emerging Trends and Technologies CSS Breakout Summary Andy Richardson, Independent and DJ Chhatre, Gilead Sciences
Open Source Technology in Clinical Research Eli Miller, Covance
22nd May: CSS Overview and Breakout Session Introductions  Recording
Welcome & BoD Update
Chris Price, PHUSE Working groups Director
Data Transparency CSS Breakout Sessions
Jean-Marc Ferran, Qualiance
SDTM Mapping Project Update
Sam Tomioka, Sunovion Pharmaceuticals
Optimising the Use of Data Standards CSS Breakout Sessions
Jane Lozano, Eli Lilly
FDA Analysis Data Standards Public Meeting
Matilde Kam, FDA
24th April: CSS Overview and Workshop Introductions 
Welcome & BoD Update
Scott Bahlavooni, PHUSE Working groups Director
CSS Overview & Welcome
Lilliam Rosario, FDA
Safety Analytics Workshop
Nhi Beasley, FDA 
Let’s Make a Knowledge Graph!, An Interactive Hands-on Workshop
Tim Williams, UCB 
Machine Learning Programming Workshop
Kevin Lee, Clindata Insight
Educating for the Future: Community Engagement Focus Group Workshop
Ian Fleming, Medidata and James McDermott, Achieve Intelligence



27th March: New Working Groups, FDA Updates and discussion on the EU Connect 2019 Recording

PHUSE Board Update and New Data Science Project for the Working Group, Educating for the Future

Sascha Ahrweiler, PHUSE Communications Director

Update on the New Technical Conformance Guide (TCG)

Helena Sviglin & Elaine Thompson, FDA

Leadership Stream Re-formatted for EU Connect 2019, Amsterdam

Michael Harris, PHUSE EU Connect 2019 Chair



20th February: PHUSE Events & Working Groups Update

Baltimore Countdown Chris Hurley, PHUSE Americas Director
Define XML vs Reviewers Guide Sandra VanPelt Nguyen, Pfizer
Clinical Trials Data as RDF (White Paper) and Going Translational with Linked Data Tim Williams, UCB



23rd January: PHUSE Memberships & Working Groups Update                                

Memberships Frank Senk, PHUSE Membership Director 
KPI Summary Yvonne Moores, GCE and Andy Richardson, d-Wise 
Test Dataset Factory Update Peter Schaefer, VCA Plus
Script Metadata Update Bob Friedman, XYBION 


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