24th October 2018

Working Groups Update



Wednesday 24th October 2018

3:00pm  (UK time)

4:00pm  (EU time)

10:00am  (US time)


Duration: 1 hour



BoD Update Yvonne Moores, PhUSE Special Project Director
Good Programming Practice in Macro Development  Ninan Luke, Pfizer (New Project Launch)
Best Practices for Quality Control & Validation Maria Dalton, GSK & Jane Marrer, Merck (New Project Launch)
Understanding RDF/Linked Data for potential Nonclinical Use  Drashtti Vasant, Bayer & Thomas Gade Bjerregaard, Novo Nordisk (New Project Launch)
Introduction to Clinical Development Design (CDD) Framework    Mary Banach, Vanderbilt School of Medicine (Project Summary)


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2018 Past Webinars


26th September: EU Connect 2018 & Working Group Project Updates

Welcome and PhUSE BOD Update Sascha Ahrweiler, PhUSE BOD Communications Director
EU Connect Update Michael Harris, BMM, EU Connect Co-Chair
Linked Data for Clinical Trials: An Interactive Hands-On Workshop Tim Williams, UCB & Johannes Ulander, A3 Informatics
CDISC Workshop: SDTM ADaM Implementation FAQ Peter Van Reusel & Amy Palmer, CDISC
Visualisation of Group Related Differences in Histopatholgy Data' and 'Data Visualisation as an Enabler for Nonclinical Safety Signal Detection'. Project Update and New Project Launch Alan Brown, Novartis, & Phil Drew, PDS-Consultants
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25th July: FDA Collaboration, US Connect Presentations & CDISC Project

Welcome & Board of Directors Update Scott Bahlavooni, PhUSE Working Groups Director
Technical Rejection Criteria for Study Data Ethan Chen, FDA
A Statistics-based Tool to Inform Risk-based Monitoring Approaches  Laura Williams, CROS NT
CDISC Implementation Primer Project Jasmine Kestemont, Innovion
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23rd May: CS Working Group Project Updates

Welcome and BoD Update  Scott Bahlavooni, PhUSE Working Groups Director
Emerging Trends & Technologies: The Alternative Transport Project & Documentation Geoff Low, Medidata
Nonclinical Topics: Data Consistency - SEND Datasets and the Study Report Maria Francomacaro, Merck & Lindsy Eickhoff, BASi
Optimizing the Use of Data Standards: Industry Experiences Submitting Standardized Study Data to Regulatory Authorities Vincent Guo, Novartis & Todd Case, Vertex
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25th April: 2018 Computational Science Symposium Review & Working Group Feedback

Welcome & BoD Update  Chris Price, PhUSE Working Groups Director
2018 Computational Science Symposium Review Chris Price, Roche
Data Transparency Jean-Marc Ferran, Qualiance
Educating for the Future  Ian Fleming, Medidata & James McDermott, Achieve Intelligence
Nonclinical Topics Patricia Brundage, FDA
Standard Analyses & Code Sharing Hanming Tu, Frontage Laboratories
Emerging Trends & Technologies Geoff Low, Medidata
Optimizing Data Standards Jane Lozano, Eli Lilly & Co
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28th March: PhUSE US & EU Connect Conferences & Working Group Structure

Welcome & BoD Update John Salter, PhUSE EMEA Director 
US 2018 Connect: Update & Overview Jim Johnson, Connect Chair & Chris Hurley, PhUSE Americas Director
US Connect Management Stream Sessions Mary Varughese, Co-Chair, Management Stream
EU 2018 Connect Future Plans Katja Glass, Connect Chair
EU Connect Machine Learning Stream Azad Dehghan, Deep Cognito
EU Connect Analytical Risk-based Monitoring Stream Sina Djali, Janssen Research & Development
New Working Group Structure Chris Price, PhUSE Working Groups Director
Educating for the Future Working Group: Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence Kevin Lee, Clindata Insight
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28th February: Working Group Projects & Collaborations

Welcome & BoD Update Chris Price, PhUSE Working Groups Director 
Educating for the Future WG: Data Engineering Guy Garrett, Achieve Intelligence 
Educating for the Future WG: Design Thinking Ian Fleming, Medidata Solutions
Optimizing the Use of Data Standards WG: CDISC Implementation Primer Scott Bahlavooni, d-Wise & Peter Van Reusel, CDISC
Optimizing the Use of Data Standards WG: SDTM/ADaM Implementation FAQ Bhavin Busa, Vita Data Sciences
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24th January: Marching to March CSS 2018 & PhUSE Membership Drive 2018

What's Happening at PhUSE BoD Update Frank Senk, PhUSE Membership Director 
CSS 2018 Update Scott Bahlavooni, PhUSE Working Groups Director 
GitHub Environment: From White Paper Targets (TFL) to Shareable Scripts Workshop Hanming Tu, Frontage Laboratories
Nonclinical & Clinical Study Data Reviewers Guide Workshop Jane Lozano, Eli Lilly 
New WG Project: Industry Experiences Submitting Standardised Study Data to Regulatory Authorities Todd Case, Vertex Pharmaceuticals
Linked Data for Clinical Trials Workshop Tim Williams, UCB
PhUSE Membership Drive 2018: Future Plans & Goals Frank Senk, PhUSE Membership Director
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