Warsaw, Poland

12th October 2018

Automation and Standardisation – Drivers for Future Artificial Intelligence



This year was the first time ever a PHUSE Single Day Event has been hosted in Poland. The event was a great success and started with AI topics, followed by more technical presentations, in beautiful AstraZeneca offices in Warsaw. There were many questions and extensive personal interactions during the breaks. Everybody had the opportunity to discuss interesting topics and meet not only colleagues from Poland but also visitors from the UK, Russia, Germany and Ukraine, making it a truly international event. Attendees were asking about an event next year, so we hope it will become a new tradition in Poland.


Data Science – What is it and What’s in it for Programmers – Andrzej Prokop, AstraZeneca

Opportunities for Artifical Intelligence and Machine Learning in Life Sciences – Jeremy Wheeler, GCE Solutions

Model of Information Retrieval for Different Classes of Documents – Denis Syrov, PAREXEL

Implementation of Automatisation as a Way to Decrease Programming Time – Igor Dedikov, PAREXEL

Automation of Checks on Projects with the Subsequent Report – Arseniy Khaplanov, PAREXEL

Love of Errors. When Speed Matters – Adam Amborski, StatFinn – EPID Research an IQVIA Company

Improve Your SAS Code Using User-written Functions – Bartosz Jabłoński, Warsaw University of Technology

Regex — To Match or Not to Match – Marcin Sosnowski, StatFinn – EPID Research an IQVIA Company


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SDE Chairs:

Jaroslaw Parzych, AstraZeneca

Anna Paczewska-Sosnowska, AstraZeneca

If you have any questions, or require any information, please contact the SDE Chairs.



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