Useful Information for Working Groups Members




Operating guidelines for Working Groups members


The PHUSE Script Repository is hosted on, and much documentation exists on the full spectrum of GitHub functionality. As a short-cut to getting started, viewing, downloading, and uploading scripts, take a look at this User Guide.

New Project Requests

Do you have an idea for a project? Can you see a gap in the market where PHUSE could play a pivotal role? Complete this template and email it to Your request will then be reviewed by the Steering Committee. Once approved, support will be given by the PHUSE Office Working Groups team who can assist with calling for volunteers, setting up relevant tools, and managing meeting invites and actions

PHUSE Education

The goal is to develop and distribute frameworks by which to educate the PHUSE community at large. The frameworks will be designed to inform the community on the importance of topics where we feel we have gaps, the details of the topics themselves, and how they can be used to drive innovation in the industry

PHUSE Powerpoint Template

If you are giving a presentation at a PHUSE event or presenting on behalf of PHUSE. Here's our Corporate Template


Provides uploaded slide presentations with audio, recorded webinars or events. Watch and learn from PHUSE technical videos when it suits you

Process Map

PHUSE Standard Operating Procedures for Version Control of PHUSE Deliverables. Each project will produce a deliverable in some form, this flow chart and process will assist you in seeking approval for public review and ultimately finalisation of your White Paper


Teamwork is a collaboration tool where minutes, actions and files are stored for project members. You will need to be member of a project to access, and sign up is required

Webinar Wednesday

To view the agenda and register for the upcoming Webinar Wednesday, visit the PHUSE Website

Welcome Pack

Provides an overview of our Working Groups and Projects within, together with useful training guides, processes, roles and responsibilities, to help support the growth of the project deliverables 

White Papers Template

Is your project deliverable a White Paper? PHUSE has produced a White Paper Template to assist in the creation

Working Groups Blog

Find out what's going on within the Working Groups. Exclusive to members only

Working Groups Powerpoint Template

Are you giving a presentation at a PHUSE event or presenting on behalf of project? Here's our Corporate Template to support Working Groups

Working Practices

This document describes the process for applying version control and review to PHUSE deliverables, and documents identified by the Steering Committee

Volunteering Opportunities

Want to get involved in a project? Have the time to be on one of the Connect Committees? View what opportunities we have


Thinking of joining PHUSE?

Already a member but not sure how you can benefit?

PHUSE is an expanding, global society with a global membership of clinical data scientists. It requires a large pool of resources to help with its running, and so there are many opportunities for members to become involved. Whether it's chairing a conference, presenting at an event, leading a working group or contributing to the quarterly online newsletter, we are always keen to hear from volunteers.

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