PHUSE US Connect 2020

8th–11th March 2020


Since the first PHUSE US Connect attendee cancellation due to COVID-19, less than a week ago, the PHUSE Board of Directors have met at least once daily to consider the impact on the conference proceedings as well as the event experience for all attendees. 
In the last two hours, the PHUSE Board of Directors has taken the difficult decision that it is no longer tenable to run the event as we can no longer accurately assess the risk to our attendees.
As much as we can, we have used evidence-based decision making in our approach and the criteria that we have been using to ensure the overall risk profile of the event has now reached the point of no return. This is due to the change of circumstances, particularly in the last 24 hours. It does feel this is driven, in part, by social media rather than science.
We would like to thank all those who have invested so much time, effort and commitment into organizing this event. 
The PHUSE Board of Directors would also like to publicly acknowledge the support, encouragement and confirmation it has received from its sponsors and exhibitors without whom, these events would not be possible. 
It is the full intent of PHUSE to look to see how it can virtualize the great content that was going to be presented over the next week and make it available to all delegates. This is something we are working on as a priority and will contact speakers and stream chairs very soon.
With respect to exhibitors, you too will be contacted separately as we understand that you will have material en route to Florida.
On a personal note, this has been the most difficult week of my working life as well as the most complicated decision I have had to make in the last 16 years of steering PHUSE. Personally, and on behalf of the PHUSE Board of Directors, we thank you for your understanding. 
PHUSE will continue to be known as the global community of data science and data analytics and will, in time, be recognized for making the correct moral decision in this difficult, unprecedented time. 
The PHUSE US Connect will return in 2021, bigger, better and more informative than ever.


For further information, please refer to the FAQ's page.

Thank you.

Stephen Bamford
PHUSE Founder & Chairman of the Board.

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