Keynote Speakers

PhUSE are pleased to welcome two keynote speakers for the inaugural PhUSE US Connect.

Ian Khan

Ian Khan is a three times TEDx speaker and technology author and advisor. He is the author of a number of books including 'Cloud Wars', 'The Internet of Things (IoT) a Concise introduction', 'The Internet of Things and the Future of Innovation', 'Make Me Like You' and '21 Steps and Get Ahead'.  

Ian is an emerging technology and business speaker, deeply passionate about helping audiences simplify their understanding of technology and uncovering more value.

Ian has dedicated the last 20 years evangelizing technologies such as cloud computing, internet of things, business intelligence and artificial intelligence and technology in general. He is a frequent contributor to industry publications, including McGraw Hill Education, Huffington Post and Techvibes. Ian speaks at multiple industry events and has recently been part of Cloud Expo, IoT Expo, GTEC, ATX, BigData TechCon, Cloud Connect, CompTIA, Big Dat Expo and Data4Decisions.

Ian is also passionate about helping newer generations develop key technology understanding and he works with educational institutions and nonprofit organisations. Ian is a founding member of IOTAC (Internet of Things Association of Canada), Canada's only internet of things advisory group and nonprofit dedicated to providing a platform and advocacy support for IoT initiatives in Canada.

Ian's upcoming book is called 'Meaningful Conversations – Creating Value in the Era of Digital Transformation'. For more information on Ian and his work, visit his website.


Michael Rappa

Secrets of Highly Productive Data Science Teams

Michael Rappa is the founding director of the Institute for Advanced Analytics and a member of the faculty in the Department of Computer Science at North Carolina State University. As head of the Institute, he leads the nation’s first Master of Science in Analytics, as its originator and principal architect. Before joining NC State as a Distinguished University Professor in 1998, for nine years he was a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Appointed the inaugural Goodnight Director in 2015, his current endowed position is named in honor of NC State’s distinguished alumnus and prominent business leader Dr. James Goodnight.

Dr. Rappa has over 25 years of experience working across academic disciplines at the nexus between management and computing. An accomplished researcher and instructor, his passion is to bring an entrepreneurial and forward-thinking mindset to innovation in higher learning. His current role is to prepare a new generation of data-savvy professionals for leadership in a digital world. Since launching the Institute in 2006, the Master of Science in Analytics has quickly become one of the largest and most selective degree programs on campus, and his students among the most sought-after and highly compensated graduates of the university.

The increase in prevalence of data-driven business models, along with the emergence of the professional data scientist, offers both new opportunities and challenges. Organisations are investing heavily to create data science capabilities, but struggle to recruit and retain talent and don’t always achieve the expected outcomes. What qualities should you look for in recruiting a data scientist? What makes for high-performing data science teams? Michael's keynote will summarise their observations over the past decade on the performance of 650 data scientists in training working across 150 large-scale data projects involving virtually every industry sector and government. It highlights the factors that are likely to contribute to successful outcomes, as well as those that lead to failure, and offers actionable suggestions to improve the performance of technical teams. 

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