Basel, Switzerland

 4th November 2015  




The Basel Single Day Event took place on  the 4th of November in the Actelion Pharmaceuticals Offices in the Allschwil which is in the Basel area. The event was a great success with 65 delegates, from 11 countries, representing 21 companies.

The theme of the day was Version control, with a focus on how version control can be used in our daily work. The 6 presenters did a great job sharing their knowledge and expertise and inspired engaging discussions after their talks with both system providers and consultants having given presentations. During the lunch and coffee breaks there were had lively discussions, not only about the presentations, but also about the architecture of the Actelion offices, but also catching with former colleagues.

Despite the lack of the SDE conference printed material such as the brochures due to them being stuck in Swiss customs the day was a great success.

Thanks to all who attended.


Operating Systems and Version Control


Moving the Clinical Analytical Environment into the Cloud, Stijn Rogiers, SAS

Approaching Version Control, Magnus Mengelbier, Limelogic

To Version or Not (When) to Version, Joel Hoffman, Sycamore Informatics

Dimensions of Standards'Versioning: from Variables and Terms to Program Code, Dimitri Kutsenko, Entimo

GPS: Our Version-controlled Environment- Pros & Cons, Kamila Duniec & Nigel Montgomery, Novartis

Download the Brochure Here


Bill Bird, Actelion
Jerome Milotti, Actelion






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