Shanghai, China

1st November 2019

Data Visualisation in Clinical Trials for Accelerating Delivery and Decision-making

PHUSE is pleased to announce that the Shanghai SDE marked our 150th Single Day Event!



With the rapid development of the biopharmaceutical industry in China, 2019 was an eventful one and there will certainly be more to come in 2020 and beyond. Bigger or smaller pharma companies all share the same goal: to speed up the clinical trial process and to complete new drug application submissions as quickly as possible. Naturally, this brings up the need to review clinical trial data, such as risk-based monitoring and listings and graphs, more efficiently and clearly in the clinical trial process in order to help medical teams identify data issues both at an early stage and during the course of submission – and authorities to make decisions quicker. Data visualisation is the tools and techniques that help users to understand data more easily and comprehensively.



Blockchain Technology in the Pharmaceutical Industry – Kentaro Arai, Novartis, Ryan Hara, Covance &Nobuto Matusi, FMD K&L

Data Visualisation Critical in Early Identification of Risk Signals – Agnes Verhoeven, Janssen Research & Development

Make Exploring Data Analysis More Enjoyable and Efficient – Alex Xu, JMP

Embrace the Power of Data Visualisation – Spotfire Implementation in Medical Data Review – Amanda Yi, BeiGene

Beyond Data Visualisation: Let's Tell a Visual Analysis Story – Gaoyang Li, Bayer

Biomarker Visualisation Using R Shiny/Python – Xuan Yang, Boehringer Ingelheim

A General Solution for SAS Graph – How to Make a Programmer's Life Easier – Zhiping Yan, Dizal Pharma

Overcoming Hurdles in Clinical Programming Project Management Using Microsoft Teams – Yingying Yan, Janssen Research & Development
Paper Available Here.

Power B1 + R Visuals Made Easy for Medical Cross Review – Yuanyuan Gu, dMed




Photos of the day:


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