2nd November 2018

Data Science in Clinical Trials – Efficiency Focus, Future Forward



Themed “Data Science in Clinical Trials – Efficiency Focus Future Forward”, the 2018 PHUSE Shanghai Single Day Event was held on November 2nd at the Novartis campus, and witnessed the highest number of SDE attendees in China, with over 180 participants from international and local pharma as well as technology and service providers.

We had interesting discussions throughout the day, centering on terrific trial design, process automation and integration, innovative concepts and artificial intelligence application. 10 presentations were thrown up, engaging discussion followed during the Q&A session, and bountiful benefits were offered from the panel discussion.

It was a great day, with a very positive and collaborative atmosphere and strong content. The SDE Chairs would like to thank all the speakers, panelists and moderators for their time and efforts, the sponsors for making the day possible, and all the attendees for making the event enjoyable and successful.


Rolling Toxicity Probability Interval Design (R-TPI) for Accelerating Phase I Dose-finding Trials – Wentian Guo, Laiya Consulting

How R Shiny Helps with Data Exploration – Xiaoling Wei, Novartis

Using C# to Develop a SAS Dataset Review Tool for Data Management Use – Ruiling Peng & Anran Xie, Improve-Quality

How Algorithm Can Entertain Your Daily Life and Enrich Your Work Skills. (Build Your Personal Digital Assistant in SAS Studio) – Hui Liu, MSD

CDISC Conformance Checking: Introduction and Implementation – Jialei Zhang, dMed

How to Create Analysis Results Metadata Files in an Efficient Way – Yao Qin, FMD K&L

Market Competition Analysis of Clinical Drug Development Using SAS – Wei Chi, Jiangsu Hengrui Medicine

How Artificial Intelligence Works in Clinical Trials – Zhuo Chen, Hutchison MediPharma


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SDE Chairs:

Bing He, Jiangsu Hengrui Medicine
Juan Du, dMed





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