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Multilingualism in Data Science: What’s Your Second Programming Language?



Statistical programming in the pharmaceutical industry has long used SAS as the default programming language. Open-source languages like R and Python have been prominent in the world of big data and have received increasing attention in the PHUSE community in recent years, looking at related conference presentations and Working Groups themes. Both of these languages connect into powerful tools like Spark and Hadoop for distributed computing and have impressive packages available in the world of machine learning and deep learning, bringing modern analytical tools to programming teams. These programming solutions thus complement the statistical programmer’s toolbox, either as a separate technology or integrated with SAS.
At the 5th edition of the Utrecht Single Day Event, we would like to deliberate programming languages for the next decade, aiming to provide a better understanding of their value and positioning, and to hear of practical applications.
We invite you to join us for this event. You can contribute by presenting a relevant case on your second (or first) programming language of choice. We welcome different types of presentations: from in-depth/technical to high-level/strategic and from learning to application.



Danone Nutricia Research,

Uppsalalaan 12,

Utrecht Science Park,

3584 CT Utrecht,

the Netherlands



To follow.


SDE Chairs:

Paul Vervuren, Danone Nutricia Research

Jules van der Zalm, OCS Life Sciences

If you have any questions, or require any information, please contact the SDE Chairs.





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