Heidelberg, Germany

December 2020



Enhancing Partnership Through Innovative Programming



Being part of a rapidly changing field requires our continued interest and training in new techniques, skills and knowledge improvement. This year, we will focus on the use of technical tools as a way to improve communication, coworking, and project management. Too often, technical skills and soft skills are seen as separate or even conflicting, but we would like to explore the ways that the two can benefit from one another. 

Sharing and discussing up-and-coming topics such as visualization tools, agile environments, and open-source software is part of our daily work and an important pillar of PHUSE. We want to focus this year’s Germany SDE not only on improving our skill sets but also on how to use such technical skills to enhance partnership.



Print Media Academy,
Kurfürstenanlage 60,
69115 Heidelberg

The venue is sponsored by SAS Institute.



To follow.


SDE Chairs:

Carolyn Cook, Mainanalytics

Boris Grimm, Boehringer Ingelheim

If you have any questions, or require any information, please contact the SDE Chairs.





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