Bengaluru, India

Saturday, 30th May 2020


Due to the latest developments of COVID-19, the PHUSE Bengaluru SDE will be a
virtual event and open to all.




Biometrics, Analytics and Data Science: The Way Forward in the Digital World



Clinical trials are getting complex and expensive. Pharma companies are looking at disruptive innovation to reach patients faster and also to bring down the cost of R&D.

As a core part of a biometrics team, we each (as statistical programmers, biostatisticians, clinical data managers or data scientists) have a significant role to play in this exciting time of transformation. Some of the changes which we can expect and which may impact the way biometrics teams operate are:
Real-world data/evidence
o Leveraging diverse data sources and analytics tools to enhance study design and protocol optimisation and capture clinical trial data more efficiently
Digital data collection methodologies (mobile technology, wearables, ePROs, eCOAs, etc.)
o Enabling robust data capture whether reported by the patient or leveraging novel sensors
Conventional clinical trial to virtual trial design
o Improving patient recruitment, retention, real-time access to data, better quality
Routine monitoring to risk-based and centralised monitoring
o Improved and efficient approach to clinical trial conduct and oversight by moving away from 100% source data verification
Personalised medicine
o Making sense of genomic data and personalised adaptive treatment, dosing plan for each patient
Leveraging big data, robotic process automation, artificial intelligence, machine learning and natural language processing
o Using technologies to unlock valuable new insights from our rich and diverse data.

As biometrics teams, we need to adapt our SOPs and processes and our approach to accommodating the above changes in the way clinical trials are conducted and in how data is captured, analysed and reported. As we adapt to these changes, we need to continue to ensure data integrity, quality and security. We also need to understand and adapt to the changing requirements from global regulatory bodies. With the start of a new decade, it is a great opportunity for us to come together at this PHUSE SDE event and visualise the role of biometrics 10 years from now.



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SDE Chair:

Kathy Greer, Navitas Data Sciences

If you have any questions, or require any information, please contact Jayapandian Nagamalaiyan, PHUSE India SDE Lead.




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