PHUSE 2020 Single Day Events (SDEs)

SDEs are free to PHUSE members and are generally scheduled between 9am and 5pm including a buffet lunch and refreshments. Agendas will be available on the website four weeks prior to each event.

PHUSE is second to none with regards to networking. To ensure a good mix of attendees from various companies, the number of places per company will be limited. It is at the discretion of PHUSE to limit the numbers of places or create a waiting list to ensure diversity of attendees.

More information for each event will be available soon.

** Event dates are subject to change **







 Spring House, PA
9th April 2020


Pune, India
25th April 2020 






Frenchtown, NJ
7th May 2020

Bengaluru, India
30th May 2020


EMEA Bitesize 1
16th June 2020

EMEA Bitesize 2
23rd June 2020

Chicago, IL
25th June 2020



Baltimore, MD
9th July 2020




Boston, MA
13th August 2020

Hyderabad, India
1st August 2020


 Basel, Switzerland
10th September 2020



Beerse, Belgium
13th October 2020



Chennai, India
17th October 2020



Morrisville, NC
19th November 2020


Shanghai, China
6th November 2020




Heidelberg, Germany
December 2020


Osaka, Japan
December 2020

TO 2021


High Wycombe, UK

Copenhagen, Denmark

Utrecht, the Netherlands



Event T&Cs:

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Previous Single Day Events:

For information on previous Single Day Events, including speaker presentations and brochures please visit the PHUSE Archive pages.



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How Can We Serve You Better?

Please do let us know if you would like to become involved, or to let us know what you want from your SDE.


SDE Committee:

Stephen Bamford – PHUSE Founder and Chairman of the Board –


John Salter – EMEA Director –

Americas SDEs:

Chris Hurley – Americas Director –
Dave D'Attilio – Americas SDE Co-Lead –
Suhas Sanjee – Americas SDE Co-Lead –


Sarvesh Singh – APAC Director –
Motohide Nishi – Japan SDE Lead –
Jayapandian N – India SDE Lead –
Yanli Chang – China SDE Lead –

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