San Diego, California

Practice does not necessarily make perfect. Only perfect practices make perfect programs.

Maximise program reviewability and output quality through programming standards and best practices.


The PhUSE San Diego SDE took place at Pfizer in San Diego on 22nd February 2016. 

As programmers in our field, we are required to create perfect datasets and high quality summaries, graphs and listing outputs with programming that is both validated and easy to understand. Validated code and timely deliveries are a must. Given the time constraints of our project work, making your programs easy to understand becomes a real challenge. Through the repetitive use of good programming practices, one can balance the constraints of time and quality to consistently produce deliverables with good programming that is easy to maintain.

Our speakers did a marvelous job, thoroughly painting the picture of best practices in programming through a number of thought-provoking presentations, walking through a very creative poster, and including a very entertaining analogy with the nursery story of the Three Little Pigs. During the panel discussion we came up with a short list containing some of the worst and best things to do when programming.


Welcome & Introduction to PhUSE – Frank Senk & Chris Hurley, PhUSE 

Best Practice Programming Technique Using SAS Software Kirk P. Lafler,Software Intelligence Corporation

Key Elements to Develop SAS Macros and Programs – Wei Chang, Ionis Pharmaceuticals

Five Habits of Highly Effective SAS Programmers
– Sunil Gupta, Cytel

Ensuring Quality Analysis by Integrating Specifications in the Process – Linda Collins, PharmaStat

Maximising Program Reviewability as Told through the Story of 'The Three Little Pigs' – Shelley Dunn, Regulus

Steps and Slides of Implementing Global Standards – Producing High Quality Programming Outputs Edition – Terek Peterson & Richard Addy, Chiltern

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SDE Chairs:

Micky Salgado-Gomez, PharmaStat

Joan Bailey, Ionis Pharmaceuticals






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