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7th - January Monthly Mailing

9th - January Webinar Wednesday

10th - CDISC Interchange

12th - Individual Membership Renewal 2019




1st - March Monthly Mailing

4th - PHUSE News – Spring Edition

5th - SDEs 2019 in EMEA

7th - SDEs 2019 in APAC

13th - US Connect Presentations

14th - March Webinar Wednesday



1st – May Monthly Mailing

7th – EMEA Single Day Events

15th – Americas Single Day Events

16th – EMEA Single Day Events

22nd – May Webinar Wednesday

23rd – EMEA Single Day Events

28th – PHUSE News is Becoming PHUSE Members Blogs




1st – July Monthly News and Updates

3rd – Americas Single Day Events

4th – India Single Day Events























1st - February Monthly Mailing

14th - Membership Registration for 2019

20th - February Webinar Wednesday

24th - Welcome to the PHUSE US Connect 2019



1st - April Monthly Mailing

2nd - EU Connect Registration Open

18th - EMEA Single Day Events

18th - America Single Day Events

24th - April Webinar Wednesday

26th - India Single Day Events



3rd – June Monthly Mailing 

4th – EMEA Single Day Events  
         Americas Single Day Events

5th – June Webinar Wednesday

11th – CSS 2019 Presentations and Feedback 

12th – EMEA Single Day Events    
          Americas Single Day Events

18th – Board of Directors Vacancies 2019

26th – Americas SDE 


































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