Steering Committee


The PHUSE Steering Committee provides oversight to the Working Groups, as well as developing content for the annual Computational Science Symposium. At a high level, the Steering Committee:

  • monitors Working Groups and their associated projects, making sure projects are aligned across groups, facilitates cross-Working-Group collaborations, and provides an escalation path for any needs
  • reviews new project requests and evaluates against the overall mission of the collaboration
  • establishes and facilitates working relationships with external organisations (CDISC, the FDA, TransCelerate, etc.)
  • reviews project deliverables to ensure content is appropriate, facilitates hand-off, and supports maintenance of deliverables that will be leveraged by other organisations
  • supports open and transparent communications within and across the Working Groups, as well as to the PHUSE and industry memberships.

Each Working Group is led by a team designed to provide oversight for all projects within the Working Group, ensuring projects are aligned with the overall goals of the PHUSE collaboration and that objectives are being met in a timely manner and that support is being provided for project leaders.

Each project has one or more leaders responsible for leading the project, scheduling meetings, working with the project team to meet objectives and for providing updates to the Working Group leadership team. These leaders form part of the Steering Committee, together with industry at large members.


Name Role Name Role
Catherine Li FDA Liaison DJ Chattre Working Group Lead
David Epstein FDA Liaison Greg Silva Working Group Lead
Jessica Hu FDA Liaison Hanming Tu Working Group Lead
Jose Delgado Donayre FDA Liaison Jane Lozano Working Group Lead
Lisa Lin FDA Liaison James McDermott Working Group Lead
Maria Matilde Kam FDA Liaison Jean-Marc Ferran Working Group Lead
Patricia Brundage FDA Liaison Lisa Brooks Collaborations BOD
Vaishali Popat FDA Liaison Liz Roberts Working Group Lead
Andy Richardson Working Group Lead Mary Nilsson Working Group Lead
Anne Russotto Industry At Large  Olivier Leconte Industry At Large 
Bhavin Busa Industry At Large  Steve Wilson Industry At Large 
Chris Decker Industry At Large Sue DeHaven Working Group Lead
Chris Price Working Groups BOD Wendy Dobson PHUSE Project Manager





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