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PHUSE History

In 2004, Stephen Bamford started looking at the opportunities available for the training of pharmaceutical programmers. He felt there should be a European forum where colleagues could get together to share ideas, thoughts and concerns and ask questions about the future direction of the industry. The statistical world was well catered for with respected and successful meetings arranged by organisations such as the RSS, PSI & DIA. Data Managers were equally catered for through ACDM and DIA but the only outlet for the statistical programmer had been to attend a statistical conference or the SAS FORUM International.

Global initiatives such as CDISC had started to bring the work that is done in companies closer together, but there was still a need for programmers to share this knowledge. It was with this challenge in mind that the winning formula of PharmaSUG was chosen as a starting point for our new forum: the Pharmaceutical Users Software Exchange.

Inaugural Meeting in London, 16 September 2004

The inaugural PHUSE Conference was held in Heidelberg, Germany in October 2005, just one year after the first meeting. With over 270 registered delegates from 12 countries, drawn from over 50 organisations in attendance, the initial goal of advertising and promoting PHUSE within the industry had been achieved and was an overwhelming success.

This winning formula laid the foundations for building the Annual Conference in future years.

CDISC Panel Discussion

Following its second conference, this time in Dublin, it was decided to formalise a committee to allow PHUSE to grow as an organisation. Stephen Bamford was confirmed as President, with James McDermott as Treasurer/Secretary. Assisting Stephen and James on the Steering Board for this year were Dirk Spruck, Olivier Leconte, Kevin Kilminster, Adrienne Bonwick, Gary Hearfield, John Hirst and Stephen Harrison.

From a small, 10-member society in the UK, PHUSE has grown rapidly to become a global organisation with an international membership of more than 9,250* clinical data scientists.

To date PHUSE has successfully hosted 16 Connects, 8 Computational Science Symposiums, and over 140 Single Day Events around the world. In fact, later this year, PHUSE will be celebrating its 150th Single Day Event.

*As of July 2019


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PHUSE is an expanding, global society with a global membership of clinical data scientists. It requires a large pool of resources to help with its running, and so there are many opportunities for members to become involved. Whether it's chairing a conference, presenting at an event, leading a working group or contributing to the quarterly online newsletter, we are always keen to hear from volunteers.

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