PHUSE/FDA Data Science Innovation Challenge


The PHUSE/FDA Data Science Innovation Challenge provides a framework and an opportunity for the greatest minds in the data sciences arena to come together and collaborate intensively on projects, doing so to a defined time frame to create usable scripting that results in a functional approach to answer the scientific questions posed by a number of challenges. 

Innovation Challenge 2020 includes the following challenges:

  • Opioid/Substance Use Disorder
  • Drug Safety Surveillance
  • An Approach for Predicting Drug Interactions

Innovation Challenge Welcome Video

Director of the Center for Drug Evaluation and Research (CDER) at the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)


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Innovation Fridays

The first Innovation Challenge was due to be held at the US Connect in Orlando in March. We are pleased to announce the virtualisation of the PHUSE/FDA Data Science Innovation Challenge 2020, which will be available to all!

Given the excellent response and the enthusiasm shown, we have decided to embrace the energy and progress with a new initiative: Innovation Friday. Every Friday* there will be a short webinar to allow people to come together and discuss future digital solutions to healthcare problems. 

*Subject to global public holidays

Upcoming Schedule

Friday 22nd May: 09:00 EDT

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Predicting Drug Interactions Prediction of Drug Interactions with Real-World Data James Kim, Pfizer


Previous Innovation Friday Recordings

Take a look below at all of the presentations that Innovation Friday's has hosted so far, and the recordings to view these.

IC30 – Mosaic Portrait of a Persona – Collecting Topic-specific Social Media Data of the Target Population to Piece Together a Personal of Pregnant Women and the Link to Opioid Usage 

IC14 – Real-world Evidence Drug-Drug Interaction (REDDI) Match

IC07 – Predicting Drug Interactions Using Machine Learning and Data Visualization

IC08 – Datacise Integrated Safety Explorer

IC09 – PRAView

IC15 ­– DASH to AEs

IC18 – Prediction of Drug-Drug Interactions (DDI) with Artificial Intelligence

IC19 – DeepFAERS: AI for Pharmacovigilance by Diving Deep into FAERS

IC21 – Deep Dissection of Post-market Surveillance Signal

IC25 – Counterfeit Drug Detection

IC26 – Approaches in Categorizing and Predicting Drug-Drug Interactions Using Artificial Intelligence and SAS Visual Text Analytics

IC31 – Early Safety Signal Detection from Public Internet Sources

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