PHUSE Board of Directors

PHUSE is an independent, non-profit organisation registered as a not-for-profit limited company in the UK. There are currently two legal guarantors that sit on the Board of Directors. Together these people drive all aspects of PHUSE including conferences, Single Day Events, membership and all other training and links within the industry. This allows a structured approach to enable growth of the organisation. 


The PHUSE Board Members

Click on the links below to view the other PHUSE board members and their roles.

Operations Director
Communications Director
Adrienne Bonwick
Finance Director
John Hirst
Americas Director
Chris Hurley
Working Groups Director
Chris Price
Technical Director
Anup Patel
Membership Director
Sangeeta Bhattacharya
PHUSE Founder & Chairman of the Board
Stephen Bamford
APAC Director 
Sarvesh Singh
Education Director
Sascha Ahrweiler
Special Projects Director
Yvonne Moores
EMEA Director
John Salter
Collaborations Director
Lisa Brooks


Each of the roles has a Terms of Reference document. Click on the roles above to view these. 

PHUSE Committee Member

PHUSE is an expanding Society and relies on stability for its success and growth. Each of the Directors has a sub-committee and any member of PHUSE can volunteer for an open position on a sub-committee. With the exception of the Connect Sub-committee, each one consists of around six people who work with the Director to achieve its vision. All contact details are available from

There may be the rare occasion when a business needs to appoint specific people with relevant experience. If Committee members are not able to nominate a suitable person for the role the Board reserves the right to appoint from outside of the Committee pool. 

PHUSE Committee

For PHUSE to remain successful, it is vital to have a large pool of resources to help ensure its smooth running. The biggest events each year are the annual EU and US Connect conferences, but many other tasks, including Connect Stream Chairs, the website, the newsletter and Single Day Events, also require assistance.

If you would like to get involved in helping out with the Connects or any other aspect of PHUSE, then please get in touch with one of the members of the Board of Directors or by contacting the PHUSE Office.


Thinking of joining PHUSE?

Already a member but not sure how you can benefit?

PHUSE is an expanding, global society with a global membership of clinical data scientists. It requires a large pool of resources to help with its running, and so there are many opportunities for members to become involved. Whether it's chairing a conference, presenting at an event, leading a working group or contributing to the quarterly online newsletter, we are always keen to hear from volunteers.

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