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Clinical Trial Data Sharing: Methods and Experiences with De-Identification


De-Identification Standards and Guidelines for Clinical Trial Data - Dr. Khaled El Eman, Privacy Analytics & University of Ottawa

PHUSE De-Identification Working Group: Providing De-Identification Standards to CDISC Data Models - Jean-Marc Ferran, Qualiance & PHUSE

Clinical Trial Data, Information, and Results Overview of the Current Landscape - Dr. Paul Chew, Sanofi

Sanofi’s Commitment to Sharing Clinical Trial Data, Information, and Results, Implementation Overview & Best Practices for Internal Data Sharing - Dr. Pierre-Yves Lastic & Robert Jenkin, Sanofi

Providing Greater Access to Clinical Trial Data for Further Research - Robert Frost, GSK

Using Anonymisation Techniques to Reconcile Personal Privacy and Access to Information: The UK Data Protection Authority’s Perspective - Iain Bourne, ICO (UK Data Agency)

Personal Privacy and Re-Use of Clinical Trial Data: A Balancing Act - Loes Markenstein, CBP (Dutch Data Protection Authority) 

The CNIL’s Perspective – Data Anonymisation - Délia Rahal-Löfskog, CNIL (French Data Protection Agency)

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