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May Monthly News and Updates

PHUSE Data Transparency Summer Meeting
The PHUSE Data Transparency summer meeting will take place 3rd–5th June. This multi-day virtual event is free for all to attend and is split over three days to allow increased focus, global attendance and a higher engagement. The content is graded at an intermediate to advanced level, and will be held on PHUSE’s industry-leading, award-winning engagement hub! Click here to register your place and view the agenda.

The Best Practices for Quality Control and Validation White Paper
The Best Practices for Quality Control and Validation project has produced a white paper which details the concepts, best practices and methods for quality control and validation of analysis programming used for clinical trials.

Safety Analytics
Mary Nilsson, Lead for the Standard Analyses & Code Sharing Working Group, recently presented to the OND Biomedical & OND Safety Analytics Control Board at the FDA on PHUSE deliverables relating to safety analytics to increase participation and leverage new collaborations. The presentation was well received by the FDA and future collaborations are expected.  

PHUSE/Stardog Collaboration 
Tim Williams, PHUSE in collaboration with Guy Vorster, Stardog, will be presenting a May webinar on the following topics: 

  • Why knowledge graphs are an ideal tool for a patient-centric approach to data management

  • How a knowledge graph could be used to automate conformance to the FDA’s technical submission requirements

  • How to augment existing investments in relational data with knowledge graph technologies

  • Examples of existing Knowledge Graph and FAIR initiatives in pharma

  • Strategies for adopting knowledge graphs within your own work

The webinar will take place on 7th May at 10am (EDT). Click here to register. 


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