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KPI Metrics Definitions & Terminology Map

Details of the definitions and terminology contributing to the common Data Reporting Metrics are presented in the map above. The definitions and terminology are organised into 3 primary categories relating to Study (yellow), Integrated Summary (green) and Regulatory Group (blue) activities respectively. There are also Clinical Operations objects and activities (purple).

Collecting, tracking and evaluating data on an ongoing basis can provide organisations with credible, compelling information when communicating with key decision-makers and stakeholders. The PHUSE Key Performance Indicators & Metrics Project has established a set of common data reporting metrics which are more detailed than industry-wide metrics, therefore allowing a greater level of granularity in our project reporting, and business process management.

To complement the reporting metrics, there are also standardised relevant terminology and definitions documents presented in the map above. The metrics, with their definitions, is sent independently to life science industry companies in order to collect their information through an online survey. This information will then be used for a annual summary report (no individual company responses will be shared – only summary data where there are at least four companies per reporting group).

Confidentiality of the data is of the utmost importance. PHUSE agree that all data submitted as part of the survey, is strictly confidential and will only be used to produce the KPI/Metrics report, and all analysed data received from the survey must be used in a confidential manner by the participants. To view our Ground Rules and FAQ click here.

KPI Metrics Year 1 Report

This report presents the results of Year 1 of the KPI survey conducted on a small ‘sample’ of companies to test the acceptability of the KPIs and establish an initial benchmark set of metrics. The report was made available initially to those companies that completed the survey and now is available to download here.





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