Ground Rules and FAQ

The following ground rules and FAQ describe the areas of Confidentiality, Metric Collection and Metric Reporting.

Confidentiality of the data is of the utmost importance. PHUSE agree that all data submitted as part of the survey, is strictly confidential and will only be used to produce the KPI/Metrics report, and all analysed data received from the survey must be used in a confidential manner by the participants.

  • Q: How is data transferred from participating companies to PHUSE?
  • A: Data will be gathered by a survey issued by Harris Interactive where metrics are entered via a URL.


  • Q: Who stores the data received?
  • A: All the data entered and received will be stored by our vendor Harris Interactive on their systems.


  • Q: Will the participating company information be anonymous?
  • A: Participating company names and information will not be available in the summary reporting documentation.


  • Q: Will there be any format changes or conversion to the data sent by a participating company?
  • A: No changes will be made to the source data that is submitted by the participating company.


  • Q: Who has access to the data issued by the participating company?
  • A: Metrics and information received from the participating companies will be accessed and processed only by our vendor Harris Interactive.


  • Q: What kind of security and checks are in place (e.g.: version control, read-only)?
  • A: The link you are sent is personal to you and can only be accessed by you and anyone you share the link with. Whist you are completing the information you are able to return update the metrics, however once you ‘submit’ at the end the link will be locked.


  • Q: What privacy legislations will be applicable to the shared data?
  • A: Harris Interactive are members of the Market Research Society. This means that they abide by the Market Research Society’s Code of Conduct and associated regulations and guidelines. Harris Interactive are experienced in running surveys with tens of thousands of respondents and they have systems in place to handle large volumes safely and securely, ensuring confidentiality of every response.


Collection of the data will be in a standard format on an annual basis. By submitting data for the metrics reporting, the participating company agrees to membership for a minimum of 12 months. Participating companies are assumed to be included on a continual basis unless notification is received informing us that they wish to withdraw. When a company withdraws, their information is kept in the survey until their next review date.

  • Q: What metrics will be collected?
  • A: Defined metrics have been established for both study and submission level activities. A data flow diagram showing the metrics to be collected will be available for review via the PHUSE website.


  • Q: What is the method for collection of metrics?
  • A: Harris Interactive, an independent company, will be used for the collection and storage of the metrics information. Each participating company will be given access to a survey URL where the PHUSE defined metrics values can be entered which will then be stored by Harris Interactive.


  • Q: What is the format for the collection of the metrics?
  • A: All metrics and their definitions have been established by the PHUSE Data Science & KPI Metric Reporting Group, and the data collection will be the same format for all participating companies, irrespective of whether they are a Biotech, Pharma or CRO. If a company does not have data for all metrics being collected, these do not have to be entered. Metrics with limited participant company data may not be reported.


  • Q: What is the timescale for submission of the metrics?
  • A: There will be a window of time during Quarter 1 each year for the data to be transferred or updated by the participating company. All participating companies must provide data according to the agreed dates and timescales


  • Q: What happens to the company’s metrics data if they withdraw?
  • A: The information is kept in the system for the years they have participated?


Reporting of the data will be in a standard summary document provided on an annual basis. Any participating companies will receive access to the report, 3 months before the information is released on the PHUSE website. All survey analyses will be presented in a manner designed to reasonably ensure that individual Company Confidential Information cannot be identified, i.e. each metric will only be summarised if a minimum of four companies have contributed values.

  • Q: How will the metrics data be reported?
  • A: A summary of the information gathered in the collection of the metrics will be issued as an electronic document.


  • Q: How will the metrics data be summarised?
  • A: The metrics will be summarised by company categories (categories are based on Pharmaceutical Company or CRO and the size of the Biometrics Team within the company). Statistics (e.g. median, quartiles and ranges) will be presented in summary report.


  • Q: How can the annual report be shared by a participating company
  • A: The survey report must be used in a confidential manner by the participants, and permission from PHUSE is required before using the results outside of the company that has access to the report.

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