Keynote Speakers

Each day of the 2016 PhUSE Annual Conference in Barcelona will begin with an inspirational keynote. PhUSE are pleased to announce, we will be joined by the following, industry-leading keynote speakers.

How to Captivate Your Audience with Your Work

– Alok Jha

Your scientific research is full of jargon, it's dense in meaning and whether you know it or not, you've been trained to make it incomprehensible to everyone else.

Perhaps your scientific work needs to be like that. But somewhere in that morass of p-values and clinical trial data, you have a good story to tell and, if you can do it properly, it could captivate the world.

Alok will guide you in the do's and don'ts of how to talk to non-experts – whether they are managers, politicians or friends in the pub – and keep them interested. You'll learn the difference between a presentation and a publication; and how to maintain your hard-won scientific credibility but still include, rather than exclude, the public in your world.

Choosing Wisely for Better Value Healthcare

– Dr Aseem Malhotra

Dr Aseem Malhotra, a Consultant Cardiologist will discuss the background behind the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges campaign which received widespread media coverage; and the BMJ Paper 'Choosing Wisely in the UK: Reducing the Harms of Too Much Medicine', of which he is lead author.

His presentation investigate issues around overuse of medicine and efforts to improve transparency of information when patients make decisions around medical treatments.

Aseem's achievements include being the youngest member to be appointed to the board to trustees of a UK health think tank 'The King's Fund'.

The Neuroscience of Decision Making (Using the Fruits of Brain Science to Game the Negotiation Process)

– Dr Jack Lewis

After receiving a 1st class Neuroscience BSc from the University of Nottingham in 1997, Jack went on to complete several brain imaging experiments at the University College London, resulting in his PhD in 2005. Since then, Jack has been a regular feature on our screens and published 'Sort Your Brain Out', a best-selling business book.

Neuroeconomics, is the use of brain imaging to study changes in brain activation whilst people make economic decisions under varying degrees of uncertainty and risk; which has shed much light on what really steers our choices. Dr Jack Lewis will draw on a vast body of research to highlight some key insights, that can easily be put into practice, to improve the outcomes of any negotiation. The 'meat' of how best to nudge people into the 'right' decision is sandwiched between two slices of brain optimisation principles (B.O.P.s). These can be presented as simple tips we can all incorporate into our daily routines to squeeze yet more performance out of our busy brains.
Harvested from the past 20 years of neuroscience literature, is an explanation of the neural mechanisms through which all of the above is realised, makeing people much more likely to put this knowledge into practice.


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