Tokyo, Japan

Clinical Trial Data Sharing and Safeguarding the Privacy of Patients


The second Japan Single Day Event took place on 30th June at SAS Institute, Japan Tokyo. The event was a great success, with over 80 attendees from government, industry and academia.

The theme of the day was 'Clinical Trial Data Sharing and Safeguarding the Privacy of Patients'. As clinical trial data sharing is not yet broadly implemented in Japan, the event posed a broad set of perspectives for the attendees. The 11 presenters disseminated their knowledge and expertise resulting in engaging discussions.


The presentations will follow shortly.

WelcomeMichiko Watanabe,Keio University

Outline of the Legal System for the Use of Official Standard Microdata
Yoshiyuki Kobayashi,Statistical Research & Training Institute, Ministry of International Affairs

Global Trends in Clinical Trial Data Sharing (CTDS)Atsushi Hyogo,Daiichi-Sankyo

Privacy-Enhancing Technologies for Personal Data AnalysisJun Sakuma,University of Tsukuba

Challenge Examples: Public InstitutionKiyomi Shirakawa,National Statistics Center, Hitotsubashi University

PhUSE 2015 CSS Report Ippei Akiya,DataDriven

IT Environments for CTDS Toru Tsunoda, SAS

PhUSE De-Identification Working Group: Providing De-Identification Standards to CDISC Data Models Jean-Marc Ferran, PhUSE Board & Koichi Yamaguchi, Eli Lilly Japan

Quiz: Are You Still With Me? Maiko Akutagawa, Takumi Information Technology

CTDS Preparations: Pharmaceutical Company in Japan JPMA DS-TF8 Shin Aoki, Astellas, Mina Izuchi, Pfizer & Yoichi Higashibeppu, Eisai (presentation to follow)





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SDE Co-Chairs:

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Michiko Watanabe, Keio University

Toru Tsunoda, SAS Institute Japan




Photos from the Day:



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