Hyderabad, India

 Saturday 18th May 2019

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New Era of Biometrics in Clinical Development



Biometrics technologies such as fingerprint scanners, palm vein readers, facial recognition tech, iris scanners and others have long held promise in tightening up identification of patients and employees. However, biometrics technologies have been slow to catch on in clinical development. The future portends a new era of biometrics where perhaps a selfie would link a patient to their health record. Biometrics has more use than just identification: it can drive the entire patient experience. Patients will be able to check in using a biometric, as well as the possibility of connected wearables, thereby providing real-time data on medical conditions, which will in turn deliver better decision support. Whether patients are being seen in a physician’s office, an emergency department, an ambulance or in the comfort of their own home, their identities are confirmed using biometrics, giving them and their caregivers the utmost confidence that they are being treated based on their entire medical history. In the future, biometrics identification in clinical development will be ubiquitous.



Avasa Hotel
A Unit of Stamlo Industries Limited (formerly Stamlo Hotels Limited)
Plot No: 15,24,25 & 26
Sector - 1, Survey No: 64,
Huda Techno Enclave, Madhapur, Hyderabad- 500081

Conference room: Constellation



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SDE Chairs:

Sunitha Yarram, Sumptuous IT Solutions

Hanumanta Rao, Cognizant

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