Heidelberg, Germany

10th April 2019

Developing Towards the Future



Being part of a rapidly evolving working environment requires our continuous interest and training in new techniques, skills and knowledge improvement. Sharing and discussing popular topics such as AI, data visualisation and data science is part of our daily business and a strong backbone of PHUSE.

We focused this German SDE on not only improving our experience skillset, but also on the first and subsequent steps to get into the statistical programming world, with smart, sustainable training and education concepts.



Statistical Programming in the Future: Data FAIRness, our Mindset and the Importance of Stakeholder Relationships – Christoph Ziegler, Roche

Back to the Future – Step Back and Move Forward – Vitali Gering & Frieder Wolff, Chrestos Concept

The Path to Success for SAS Programmers: An Internship Training Programme Experience – Caroline Gray & Jessica Chioda, CROS NT

Hash Tables in SAS – Show Reddy Maramreddy, Boehringer Ingelheim

Machine Learning for Humans – Hands-on Workshop (two parallel sessions) – Eike Nicklas, Melanie Henseler et al. HMS Analytical Software

Machine Learning for Humans – Hands-on Workshop (two parallel sessions)Katja Glass, Katja Glass Consulting

Open Source Seletion Katja Glass, Katja Glass Consulting

Property Graph Databases: An Alternative to RDF – Peter Tormay, Capish

Skills for the Future – Catapult Your Pharma Career – Pascal Lubbe, SAS Institute


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Photos of the day:


   Carolyn Cook

Christoph Ziegler

Frieder Wolff and Vitali Gering

Caroline Gray and Jessica Chioda

Show Reddy Maramreddy

Yvonne Moores

Eike Nicklas – Hands-on Workshop

Katja Glass and Melanie Henseler – Hands-on Workshop

Peter Tormay

Pascal Lubbe

Other photos of the day:



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