Frankfurt, Germany

15th May 2018

Striking the Balance – From Coding to Communications


It has already been one year since we celebrated the 100th PHUSE Single Day Event in Germany. On 15 May 2018, it was time for another SDE in Frankfurt.

Themed ‘Striking the Balance – From Coding to Communication’, this year’s SDE aimed to share and discuss experiences, ideas, and visions beyond coding, which is and will remain a core element of a programmer’s tasks. Exploring newly evolving techniques, as well as the increasing necessity of cross-functional, intercompany collaboration and communication, while keeping core skills in focus was the topic of the day.

The agenda featured presentations from big and mid-size pharma as well as from technology and service providers. We touched on a broad range of topics, from SAS coding techniques to future analytics frameworks, the benefits of visualisation to insight into machine learning and the potential impact on our industry, training frameworks, collaboration and collaboration platforms. One of the talks made again very clear what is and remains key: “We need to talk”. Each of the 8 presentations triggered intense discussions amongst the 85 delegates.

We had an intense programme, but there was sufficient time for networking amongst the national and international audience. It was a great day, with a very positive and collaborative atmosphere and strong content. Based on the feedback, the SDE was highly valued by the attendees.

The Single Day Event Chairs would like to thank all the presenters for their contribution and commitment, the sponsors for making the day possible at a very nice location, everyone who helped organise and run the event and, of course, all the attendees for making the 2018 PHUSE Frankfurt SDE an enjoyable and successful event. A special ‘thank you’ goes to Michael Knößl, who stepped in for Boris on the day at short notice.



SAS Visual Analytics for Life Sciences – Femke Sijtsma, OCS Life Sciences

Machine Learning – Katja Glass, Bayer

Creating Native Excel Outputs with SAS – Frank Biedermann, Grünenthal

Using Data Visualisation to Communicate the Story of the Trial Results – Shafi Chowdhury, Shafi Consultancy

We Need to Talk – Communication with Partners in Statistical Programming – Michaela Kohring, Boehringer Ingelheim

Considerations and Recommendations for a Standardised, Collaborative Approach for Statistical Programming Project Information – Christoph Ziegler, Roche

Train the Trainer – Monika Kawohl, HMS Analytical Software

SAS Life Science Analytics Framework – Going Beyond the Clinical Reporting – Daniel Christen, SAS


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Photos of the Day:



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