PHUSE Founder and Chairman of the Board


The Chairman of the Board provides high-level oversight for the successful delivery of all global PHUSE events ensuring high-quality content and maintaining budgetary control. Including PHUSE annual Connects, Computational Science Symposiums and Single Day Events. Click here to view the Terms of Reference for the position of Chairman of the Board.


Stephen Bamford



Stephen founded PHUSE in 2004 and held the position of President until 2011. Stephen was nominated to the position of EU Events Director in 2013 and now holds the position of Chairman of the Board.

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Sub-committee Details

2019 EU Connect Committee:

Connect Chair — Michael Harris — 

Connect Co-Chair — Anne-Sophie Bekx —

The Connect Chair and Co-Chair are responsible for defining the membership of the Connect Committee and ensuring an effective working committee with a good balance of skills, experience and backup facilities. Click here to learn more about the Connect Committee. 

Single Day Event (SDE) Committee:

EMEA Director — John Salter —

The SDE Coordinators are responsible for providing support to the individual SDE Leads and ensuring the objectives of the SDEs are met. 


The Other PHUSE Board Members

Click on the links below to view the other PHUSE Board members and their roles.

Operations Director
Adrienne Bonwick
Finance Director
John Hirst
Americas Director
Chris Hurley
Working Groups Director
Chris Price
Technical Director
Anup Patel
Membership Director
Sangeeta Bhattacharya
Education Director
Beate Hientzsch
PHUSE Founder and Chairman of the Board
Stephen Bamford
APAC Director 
Sarvesh Singh
Communications Director 
Sascha Ahrweiler
Special Projects Director
Yvonne Moores
EMEA Director
John Salter
Collaborations Director
Lisa Brooks


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