Hands-on Workshop

Programming in SAS Viya


SAS Viya is the latest platform release from SAS, providing a cloud-enabled analytics environment that is both elastic and scalable. Data is held and processed in memory, providing superfast access and processing of data. SAS Viya can be deployed on a single server or across the nodes of a massive compute cluster, distributing work across many machines, providing fail-safe computing. SAS Viya also enables integration with other programming languages via its REST APIs, like Python, R and Java.

Objectives and Topics:
This workshop is designed to help an existing SAS 9 programmer understand the features of the SAS Viya environment, how it differs from the SAS 9 environment, and the benefits afforded from performing existing operations within SAS Viya. The workshop includes demonstrations of the SAS Viya coding environment, interspersed with opportunities for the participants to try out the programming features demonstrated.

SAS Viya:

  • What is SAS Viya?
  • What does SAS Viya look like?

Programming in SAS Viya:

  • CAS sessions
  • CAS libraries
  • Loading data into CAS
  • DATA Step processing with SAS Viya
  • Benefits of the DATA Step in CAS
  • Procedures in SAS Viya
  • Python integration with SAS Viya

Workshop Organisation:

  • Participants will use their own computers, with WiFi access to connect to a cloud-based SAS Viya environment
  • Attendees should have experience of using DATA and PROC Steps in the SAS 9 environment
  • Understanding of the concept of SAS libraries would be advantageous.

Workshop Leads:

Dave Evans
Amadeus Software
Ian Amaranayake
Amadeus Software




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