Hands-on Workshop

Let's Make a Knowledge Graph!


The terms Knowledge Graph and FAIR Data (https://www.go-fair.org/fair-principles/) are gaining popularity in our industry. But what are they, and how do we apply the technology and mindset to solve our data and standards challenges? Both concepts are built on a foundation of Linked Data, which provides meaningful (semantic) relationships between data values, as well as the capability to include metadata, rules, and standards.

This is an updated version of previous workshops at the PHUSE CSS and EU Connect conferences, where we invite attendees who have not participated in the previous workshops to attend an interactive Linked Data experience.

You will use a web application to diagram relationships for clinical trial processes and data, then convert your whiteboard drawing to Resource Description Framework (RDF). You will query your data, then seamlessly merge it with the data from all of the other attendees. An ontology and reasoner will infer values and relationships not in the original content, and your data will be augmented using freely available open sources including ClinicalTrials.gov and DBpedia.

This introductory workshop provides the background you need to launch your own exploration of this technology or to participate in a PHUSE project. We welcome attendees with no previous experience with Linked Data.


  • Pre-registration is required
  • You MUST bring your own laptop with remote desktop capability
  • You MUST attend a preparatory webinar in the days preceding the workshop.

Workshop Leads:

Tim Williams
UCB Biosciences

Johannes Ulander



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