Keynote Speakers

Elsa Sotiriadis PhD 

Digital Biology: The Next Software Revolution is Life Itself

Biology is the new digital and is becoming increasingly personalised, distributed and digitised just like computers in the early '70s.

Soon, digital biology will touch our daily lives, from lab-grown burgers and running shoes made from algae to personal genomics.

From CRISPR to Cyborgs, the session examines how the operating system of life is rapidly transforming the world around us – including ourselves.Discover how to inspire the bold moonshot visions that accelerate disruptive innovation in the health sector.


Neil Stanley PhD

Sleep and the Ways of Measuring It

Dr Neil Stanley is a freelance sleep expert and author of How to Sleep Well. He has been involved in sleep research for 37 years, starting his career at the Neurosciences Division of the RAF Institute of Aviation Medicine.

In the early 1990s he moved to the Human Psychopharmacology Research Unit, part of the University of Surrey, where, as Director of Sleep Research, he created and ran a 24-bed sleep laboratory for clinical trials.

Dr Stanley is a past Chairman of the British Sleep Society (2000–2004) and a member of the European Sleep Research Society, the American Academy of Sleep Medicine and the European Society of Sleep Technologists.

From 2004 to 2008 he was a member of the Executive Committee of the Assembly of National Sleep Societies and through that is co-author of the guidelines for accreditation of Sleep Medicine Centres and sleep medicine education in Europe.

Dr Stanley has published 38 peer review papers on various aspects of sleep research and psychopharmacology and is widely quoted by the media as a sleep expert.

For more information, visit Neil's website
Twitter @drneilstanley



Simon Shepard

The Data of Fluffy Stuff and the Battle for Sanity

In the VUCA world that the 21st Century presents, change has become pandemic and the demands on minds and emotions are reaching hazardous capacity. With the emerging levels of expectation accompanied by decreasing levels of stability, it seems that people are facing significant challenge in the working world of the 21st century. So, if performance, productivity, energy and focus are critical to you, and let’s face it when are they not, how are you and your organisation addressing both the human and humane side of performance? 

Simon's keynote presentation will:

  • explore why organisations are realising that people are important

  • draw on over 1.5 billion data points that match physiological response to human behaviour

  • get people thinking about their Key Human Performance Indicators (KHPIs).

Simon has been described as a nuisance. A Chartered Physiotherapist by profession, he is a disruptor who has worked at Lord’s cricket ground since 1991. In 2008 he co-founded Optima-life, a company that integrates knowledge from the worlds of business, health and sport to create an organisation that specialises in The Human Side of Performance. 

Simon has a methodical approach that challenges individuals and teams to assess their performance behaviours; and with over 1.5bn data points at his disposal, he underpins messages with science, bringing the concept of KHPIs (Key Human Performance Indicators) to life.


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