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 Help Regulatory Agencies Define Collaboration 2.0:
What Priorities should Regulators Collaborate on with Industry



Over the last seven years the Computational Science Collaboration has been a successful experiment in bringing together industry, regulators and academia to solve problems, explore emerging trends and technologies, and align key stakeholders within the product development and review process. It’s time to reflect on the work that has been done within this effort as well as other collaborations and brainstorm how we continue to improve the work being done and identify the next generation ideas that we should tackle.  

Attend this session to collaborate with industry colleagues and regulatory stakeholders to learn what has been successful in various collaborations, brainstorm the next generation of challenges and innovations to address, and discuss areas to be explored across regulatory agencies to minimise impact on sponsors.   

Come join key representatives from industry and regulatory at this exciting workshop. We will hear from the FDA on how the PhUSE collaboration or other collaborations has delivered value for them. We will then have some interesting discussions covering questions such as:

  • What are the advantages of collaborating with industry?
  • What are roadblocks we face in optimising collaborations and how can we overcome those roadblocks?
  • What should we work on next?


Hands-on Workshop Leads:

Chris Price, PhUSE Working Group Director (Presenter) 

Pre-registration is NOT required.



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