Hands-on Workshop

Machine Learning for Humans



In the past, machine learning emerged from the academic world as a buzz word, which we encounter on a daily basis. Besides the hype, however, machine learning methods have already revolutionised various industries and are routinely used in areas as diverse as product recommendation, customer relationship management, predictive maintenance, and image recognition.

Presented as an alternative or complement to classical statistics, machine learning has the potential to be applied in the clinical research industry as well. However, regulatory requirements add additional demands to the applicability of machine learning methods, such as traceability, reproducibility and being understandable to humans.


In this workshop, we provide a hands-on introduction to machine learning. After a brief and informal overview of machine learning concepts, the participants will dive into a prepared example of machine learning modelling. They will have the opportunity to extend or modify the example analysis at their own pace to deepen their understanding. Tasks and questions will guide the participant through the different machine learning concepts including feature engineering, model training and model assessment. We will also facilitate individual discussions with the presence of multiple trainers.

Workshop Organisation:

Participants will use their own computers, but no software installation is necessary. Previous knowledge of machine learning or the R language is not required. The workshop addresses beginners and advanced learners alike.

Hands-on Workshop Lead:

Melanie Henseler, HMS Analytical Software
Eike Nicklas, HMS Analytical Software


Hands-on Workshops are free to attend, but require pre-registration. Contact the PHUSE Office to register.



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