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Linked Data for Clinical Trials




Linked Data has the potential to solve many of the challenges currently facing the pharmaceutical industry. Clinical trials are increasingly sophisticated, with the need to integrate information from diverse sources including devices, genomics, Real World Evidence, and even social media. Our current standards exist across multiple documents, are prone to inconsistent interpretation, and new versions are released regularly. It is difficult to determine if data created in one version of a standard can be merged with data created using a different version.
A new approach is needed where we model clinical trial processes and data using highly interconnected, extensible data with precise meaning (semantics).  When the clinical trial process is an integral part of the data model, a positive impact can be realised across the entire lifecycle, from design, through conduct and data collection, all the way to submission and publication. It can also fuel the surging interest in Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence.
Linked Data represents values, concepts, and knowledge at an atomic level. These simple building blocks are explicitly identified, with meaningful relationships between them that are both human and machine readable. This allows construction of flexible, extensible data models that can be built incrementally and facilitate the breakdown of traditional data silos.


This introductory workshop provides the background you need to launch your own exploration of this technology or participate in a PHUSE project. No previous experience is assumed.

  • You will use a web application to diagram relationships for clinical trial processes and data, then convert your white board drawing to Linked Data as Resource Description Framework (RDF)
  • You will then query the data, using an ontology to infer values and relationships not in your original content
  • Finally you will seamlessly merge your study with data from all of the other attendees.

Workshop Prerequisites:

  • Laptop with remote desktop capability
  • Attend the preparatory webinar prior to the EU Connect


Hands-on Workshop Leads:

Tim Williams, UCB

Johannes Ulander, A3 Informatics


Hands-on Workshops are free to attend, but require pre-registration. Contact the PHUSE Office to register.



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