Educating for the Future

Working Group & Project Scope

Working Group Leads

Greg Silva

James McDermott

Methodologies and technologies utilised in the clinical development process have been largely unchanged since 2005. Externally, there have been immense advancements in technology and mindsets related to working with data that have had little impact in our industry. 

The goal of this Working Group is to develop frameworks by which to educate the PHUSE community at large on the importance of topics where we feel we have gaps, on the details of the topics themselves, and on how they can be used to drive innovation in the industry. Research materials produced by this Working Group will be published on Squarespace.

Data Engineering

Guy Garrett

Bev Hayes

Huge efficiencies have been made within biopharma companies over the last few decades; however, the sector is increasingly competing on the basis of their analytical capabilities, which requires a centralised, combined, and, as far as possible, automated data environment to support these deeper insights. This project explores how established data engineering techniques successfully deployed in other industries could be utilised in our industry. From traditional data warehousing to the arrival of the big data lake, with data marketplaces, ePRO and IoT, the challenge is on to identify analytical value from all these disparate data sources.

Data Science

Sascha Ahrweiler

Aldir Medeiros Filho 

This project will support people to familiarise themselves with data science and all its various branches. We will provide a data science training repository, where we will consolidate available training materials around topics like machine learning, artificial intelligence, deep learning, quantitative and advanced analytics. We will also provide use cases of data science in the healthcare sector and we will also look into other industries. A learning path for members of our industry will be provided to dive deeper into the topic of data science to educate the future.

Design Thinking

Vannessa Williams

Gayathri Kolandaivelu

Design thinking is a process that promises to help tackle big ideas in a manageable and structured way. By definition, it is 'a formal method for practical, creative resolution of problems and creation of solutions'. Design thinking methods foster a way of thinking that reframes the problems and solutions we assume we have the answer to. This project would focus on identifying and collating resources in design thinking for consumption by the PHUSE community. Because the actual content is not housed by the PHUSE project, this can include resources in many media formats, including, but not limited to: books, journal articles, podcasts, webpages and recordings. This will be achieved by curating and organising content into an easy-to-use structure and making it readily available and navigable technology.




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