17th March 2018

Personalized Medicine: Statistical and Programming Challenges


The wonderful world of Personalized Medicine has evolved over a decade. With the backbone of science and enhancement of technology, Personalized medicine has taken a beautiful shape for coming years. In Delhi, on 17th March 2018, PHUSE Single Day event focused on the key development in the Area of Personalized Medicine. The theme for the day was “Personalized Medicine: Statistical and Programming Challenges” and it involved discussion on latest scientific discussions.
We had interesting discussion throughout the day on various concepts like Human Genome Project(HGP), Genomics, Proteomics, Genetic Factors, Mutation, Biomarker identification, mobile health(mHealth) technologies, Predictive analysis, Machine Learning techniques in PM, Artificial Intelligence, PM in Oncology, NCIs Genomic Data Commons (GDC), CDISC Domains for Pharmacogenomics Data, Clinical Trial Design for PM, Statistical & programming challenges to deal with genetic data etc. We also discussed how Big data will play a Vital role in taking personalized medicine to next level. How digital disruption is transforming the world of Personalized medicine. Few of the speakers related the AI techniques for better understanding of Personalized medicine studies and how futuristic studies can be designed.
In addition, we had a good discussion covering few key points related to personalized medicine with new era of digital disruption:
    •     Key Breakthrough in personalize medicine using digital disruption?
    •    How personalized medicine is changing the game in the present Digital disruption?
    •    What are the key challenges in using Digital Disruption for Personalized medicine?
    •    How personalized medicine is bringing Organizational sustainability?

To conclude, whether we accept or not accept, but Digital disruption is a Boon to our industry for Personalized medicine and we cannot proceed without the help of Digital evolution. Also we have to consider beyond medicine that is care and post-operative treatments.



Personalized Medicine: Statistical and Programming Challenges and Standards – Sravan Nagi Reddy, PPD

"One Size Fits All!" for Precisioned/Personalized Drugs – Thought Journey – Divya Gunasekar, Novo Nordisk

Personalized Medicine: Clinical Trial Design Considerations and Statistical Aspect – Apoorva Singh, Quanticate

Machine Learning Techniques to Personalize Medicine – Vinodkumar Katikala, GSK

Personalized Medicine: Promises and Challenges – Pritish Dash & Gaurab Chakraborty, Chiltern

Genomically Driven Cancer Trials: An Evolution of Personalized Medicine – Kameshwari Peri, Syneos Health

Semi-parametric Bayesian Model for Personalized Medicine – Ayan Das Gupta, Novartis

Digital Disruption: A boon or Curse for Personalized Medicine and Q&A – Mayank Anand, Syneos Health, Gaurab Chakraborty, Chiltern & Arjun Roy, ABS Paris


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