PHUSE Data Transparency
Summer 2020 Multi-day Meeting

The all-new 2020 PHUSE Data Transparency Summer Meeting will take place 3rd–5th June.

This multi-day virtual event is free for all to attend and will be split over three days (2 hours per day) to allow increased focus, global attendance and higher engagement. The content will be geared to suit an intermediate to advanced level of experience and will be held on PHUSE’s industry-leading, award-winning engagement hub platform.

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Agenda – Wednesday 3rd June:

Start time 10:00 (EST) and 15:00 (UK)

Time (UK) Presentation Speaker
15:00–15:10 Opening Remarks & Software Orientation Stephen Bamford,
Janssen Research & Development
15:10–15:40 How Sponsors are Managing Clinical Trial Transparency Requirements Across the Globe Julie Holtzople,
15:45–16:20 Shortcomings of the Global Trial Registry System During the COVID-19 Pandemic Dr. Till Bruckner,
16:25–16:55 Who is Flying the Plane?
A Case Study in Piloting Anonymisation Software
Alex Hughes,
16:55–17:00 Closing Remarks


Agenda – Thursday 4th June:

Start time 10:00 (EST) and 15:00 (UK)

Time (UK) Presentation Speaker
15:00–15:05 Opening Remarks  Jean-Marc Ferran,
15:05–15:40 Hide and Seek: Evaluating Identifiability in an Anonymised Clinical Study Report Luk Arbuckle,
Privacy Analytics

Data Requesting and Data Sharing: The Nine-year Academic Experience 

Dr. Sarah Nevitt,
University of Liverpool
16:25–16:55 Experiences with Synthetic Clinical Trial Data Prof. Khaled El Emam,
Professor, University of Ottawa & CHEO Research Institute & Director, Replica Analytics
16:55–17:00 Closing Remarks


Agenda – Friday 5th June:

Start time 10:00 (EST) and 15:00 (U.K)

Time (UK) Presentation Speaker
15:00–15:05 Opening Remarks  Liz Roberts,
15:05–15:15 The value of data sharing: lessons learned through the YODA Project Prof. Joe Ross,
Yale University
15:15–15:25 Recent Feedback from the Good Pharma Scorecard

Dr. Jennifer E Miller,
Bioethics International

15:25–15:35 Clinical Trial Transparency: An Industry Perspective of What Was, What Is, and What May Be Benjamin T. Rotz,
Eli Lilly & Co
15:35–15:45 Open Science, Data Sharing and Reproducibility: What’s all the Fuss about and Why Should we Engage in the Journey?

Prof. Frank Rockhold
Duke Clinical Research Institute


Moderated Q&A Session

16:25–16:30 Closing Remarks



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