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Posters can incorporate a wide variety of topics and are ideal for graphics, source code, statistical concepts and thought-provoking concepts. Posters will remain on display throughout the Poster Session, and poster authors should be on hand to answer questions and discuss the poster topic in more detail.

If you are interested in submitting a poster, please see the poster guidelines below:

Poster Guidelines:

1. Submit Abstract

  • An abstract addresses a specific topic which is relevant to the conference theme/audience.
  • The abstract content is in line with the title of the poster submission.
  • An abstract addresses a methodology towards a resolution of a problem and/or states a process.
  • The content is focused more towards a specific business need rather than marketing a specific product.
  • Abstracts should be submitted no later than March 22nd 2019.

2. Poster Draft/Final Review

  • The introduction and its purpose are clearly defined.
  • The methodology or a process has been outlined in a simple context to be understood by the general audience.
  • Proposed solutions are backed up with data/results/efficiencies with examples or scenarios with innovative thought.
  • The poster portrays its significance to industry usage.
  • The conclusion marks a clear summary of the proposal and/or future advancements.
  • Your poster should match the poster template dimensions.

3. Final Printed Poster

  • PhUSE will print and mount your poster in advance of the Poster Session.
  • You are responsible for presenting your poster according to instructions from the poster section chair.
  • If you are unable to present your poster, you must find somebody to take your place during the scheduled session.
  • Your final poster should be a high-resolution PDF, meeting the dimensions outlined here.
  • If you wish to provide supplementary handouts, we recommend you have a minimum of 100 copies.
  • A poster is an outline, not a novel. Keep the information you present simple and easy to follow; you will be there to explain it. You can add additional detail into the paper you prepare for publishing, or in handouts.
  • Use graphics to make your point where possible.
  • Download and complete a copyright grant form so that your final poster can be displayed on the PhUSE website. Send your completed forms to the PhUSE Office. Please note: FDA employees do not need to submit a copyright grant form.

New: When submitting your poster, please also upload a high-resolution photo of yourself. We would like to have poster author images placed with the poster to help with networking.


Important Dates:

Milestone Date Details

Poster Abstract

March 22nd 2019

Submit a poster abstract (100–150 words) for review. If accepted, this will be used in the conference brochure. Abstracts that exceed the word limit will not be included.

Acceptance Notification April 5th 2019 The primary author will be notified of the submission decision.
Acceptance to Present April 12th 2019 The author should acknowledge their acceptance to present the poster at the Symposium to the section chair.
Author Registration April 16th 2019 Author(s) must be registered for the conference by this date.
Poster Draft April 18th 2019 A draft version of the poster (meeting the poster template dimensions) is uploaded to the submission for review. If changes are required, these will be communicated to the author by April 26th 2019. A timely response will be expected from the author(s) to incorporate any revisions. 
Copyright Grant Form April 18th 2019 Provide a complete Copyright Grant Form to the PhUSE Office, providing permission for your poster to be displayed on the PhUSE website. (FDA employees do not need to submit a copyright grant form).
Poster Final May 10th 2019 A final, high-resolution PDF version of the poster is uploaded to the PhUSE submission system. *PhUSE will print your poster*.
Presentation June 10th 2019 You should stand at your poster during the Poster Session on Monday, June 10th to answer any questions.


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Cancellations received prior to March 15th 2019 will be subject to a $100 cancellation fee. No refunds will be issued after this date.


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