PhUSE 2018
Computational Science Symposium
4th - 6th March 2018


Event Summary


Having just concluded our 7th Computational Science Symposium it continues to highlight the great work that the PhUSE community can achieve through collaboration. The innovation, teamwork and output from our PhUSE projects is also strengthened by having the opportunity to come together and share our thoughts, ideas and progress.

This year, we ran three workshops, the FDA held an interactive session on the JumpStart Process, there was a plenary session on integrating PhUSE, CDISC and regulatory stakeholders, as well as the traditional Poster Session.

Sunday began with registration opening and an overview from all the Working Group Leads on project status. The evening was brought to a close with the first of our workshops – Linked Data for Clinical Trials – which was a full house.

Be an FDA Reviewer for the Day: Take an Interactive Journey through the JumpStart Process kicked off Monday’s events. Members from the FDA walked us through the reviewer process from data arriving at the FDA through to approval. Following lunch, the Working Groups then went into their breakout sessions, which involved discussions around project progress to date. 

Our Poster Sessions always achieve a great turnout. With nearly 300 members networking, interacting and collaborating, the efforts from the Poster presenters is always appreciated. 

We finished off the evening with the other two workshops: GitHub Environment: From White Paper Targets (TFL) to Shareable Scripts and Maintaining the Clinical and Nonclinical Study Data Reviewer’s Guides. Many members stayed on to ensure they had the opportunity to listen, learn and engage. 

On Tuesday, the Working Groups continued with their breakouts, followed by a wrap-up session on progress made over the last couple of days. We then all came together as one to listen to how PhUSE, CDISC and the regulatory authorities integrate, in a panel discussion. The audience were provided with three pre-determined questions and then each table had discussions around these topics. The ideas and suggestions were captured live, condensed and shared with the panel. Each member of the panel then provided their thoughts on the comments received. It was a very interesting, thought-provoking and interactive session.

To conclude the conference, we celebrated the achievements of some of our members by congratulating them on their dedication over the past year. Our Achievement Award was given to seven attendees, and five attendees received the Poster Award.

In summary, the Computational Science Symposium was yet another great success. Currently running at 48 projects, with new projects in the pipeline, PhUSE is the premier community to ensure we continue to connect, advance, share.

Thank you to everyone that contributed, and we look forward to seeing you once again in 2019.



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