Call for Project Volunteers & New Project Suggestions

The PhUSE Collaboration is accepting proposals for new projects. A proposal will address problems of significant relevance to computational science related to drug, biologic and device development and must meet all of the guidelines for projects within the collaboration, including the following mandatory requirements: 

  • The projects must address significant research issues relevant to computational science
  • The project must not attempt to address FDA policy issues
  • There must be at one Project Lead personally involved in planning and carrying out the project.

New Projects can be submitted anytime during the year.

Projects of Particular Interest to the the Collaboration include:

  • List and prioritisation of issues in drug, biologic and device development related to computational science
  • Identification of possible projects based on pressing issues in drug, biologic and device development related to computational science
  • Identification, prioritisation and potential pilots of emerging tools and technologies
  • Projects that fall within the scope of existing defined working groups

Application Process

Complete a New Project Request

Completed forms should be sent as an email attachment to


Working Group & Project Lead Project Title Description

Emerging Trends and Technologies

Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence 


The team aims to explore some of the possible Machine Learning projects and implementation. The projects sub-team are currently calling for volunteers to take part in the new SDTM Mapping initiative. This sub-team are looking to collect and prepare training data, train models and enhance the open source Python package 'SDTM Mapper'.  

Emerging Trends and Technologies


Going Translational with Linked Data


This project builds on the successful completion of the "Clinical Trials Data as RDF" project where four SDTM domains (DM, VS, EX, TS) were modelled in RDF, and the ontologies used to create RDF instance data. Existing domains will be broadened to include non-clinical concepts, thus extending the impact of the project further along the data lifecycle. A minimum of two additional domains will be added, starting with AE (and non-clinical AE equivalent observations). 


Educating for the Future 

Data Science


According to Google Trends, the word “Data Science” is currently at a peak interest for worldwide searches. Companies like Uber or Amazon have built entire business models using Data Science methodology. The healthcare sector has also seen new players especially in consumer devices, which increased healthy lifestyles applying advanced analytics methods. Digital medicine outperforms already traditional medicine in terms of yearly growth.

This project will support people to familiarise themselves with Data Science and all its various branches. We will provide a Data Science training repository, where we will consolidate available training materials around topics like Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Quantitative and Advanced Analytics. We will also provide use cases of Data Science in the healthcare sector and we will also look into other industries. A learning path for members of our industry will be provided to dive deeper into the topic of Data Science to educate the future.


Want to Co-Lead a project? Great ideas waiting for Leaders

While working groups and projects continue to collaborate, new innovative ideas are generated by different teams. Unfortunately, the collaboration doesn't currently have individuals able to volunteer in a Co-Lead role to move these ideas forward. Below is a list of potential projects, the associated Working Group and a description of each. If one of these ideas interests you and you are able to volunteer to Lead, please contact

Project Ideas

Working Group











Do you have feedback to share? Got an idea? Want to comment on a project?

All comments and feedback welcome. Please contact

Current CS Working Groups

For information on current CS Working Groups, please visit the PhUSE Wiki page.

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