Call for Project Volunteers 

The PhUSE Collaboration is accepting proposals for new projects. A proposal will address problems of significant relevance to computational science related to drug, biologic and device development and must meet all of the guidelines for projects within the collaboration, including the following mandatory requirements: 

  • The projects must address significant research issues relevant to computational science
  • The project must not attempt to address FDA policy issues
  • There must be at one Project Lead personally involved in planning and carrying out the project

New Projects can be submitted anytime during the year

Projects of Particular Interest to the the Collaboration include:

  • List and prioritisation of issues in drug, biologic and device development related to computational science
  • Identification of possible projects based on pressing issues in drug, biologic and device development related to computational science
  • Identification, prioritisation and potential pilots of emerging tools and technologies
  • Projects that fall within the scope of existing defined Working Groups

Application Process

Complete a New Project Request

Completed forms should be sent as an email attachment to


Working Group & Project Lead

Project Title


Industry Members 

Are you interested in helping drive new and innovative solutions in the area of computational science?

We are currently seeking two volunteers to serve as industry members of the Steering Committee. These members are crucial in helping the Working Groups attain their goals, by providing an industry perspective across all of the Working Groups activities.

The PHUSE Working Groups Steering Committee provides guidance and support to all of the PHUSE Working Groups, in approving new projects, reviewing deliverables and seeking out new opportunities to help address unmet computational science needs impacting product development and regulatory review so as to improve human health.

To perform this role successfully you will need to be able to commit to spending approximately two hours per week, including attending the monthly Steering Committee meeting, as well as help contribute to the running of the Computational Science Symposium, which takes place in June annually in Silver Spring, Maryland, US.

Those who are, or who have previously actively contributed to a PHUSE project are particularly encouraged to apply. For further information, please see the Steering Committee Charter or feel free to contact Chris Price, PHUSE Working Groups Director, at to discuss the role in more detail.

If you are interested in applying for the above positions, please contact the PHUSE Office by emailing Please provide a concise summary (we suggest around 200 words) of your reasons for applying and why you feel you have the right qualities and experience for the role. Please send your application by the closing date of 31st August 2019.

Nonclinical Topics 

SEND Dataset QC Best Practices

Across industry, there are a wide variety of quality control (QC) checks for SEND datasets. This is currently done without commonly acknowledged scope and intensity, based on the companies own approaches. For more confidentiality of the quality of SEND dataset across different stakeholders this group targets to: -

  • Explore the variety of QC procedures and tools among different stakeholders -
  • Identify practical amount of QC checking of SEND datasets (including the QC checks for the comparison of SEND datasets and the study report)
  • Identify a suite of tools and procedures (e.g. visualisation, documentation, etc) for QC
  • Develop recommendations for stakeholders for efficient and effective SEND QC practices and, in the long term, for starting a foundation of commonly agreed QC procedures



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