Deliverables Under Review

PhUSE Working Groups projects are soliciting feedback from the broader community on the following content developed within the Working Groups. Please send your feedback to the authors as listed below.




Working Group Deliverable Feedback Due Date Contact
Emerging Trends and Technologies 

Subject Level Data Review and Visualisation Summary Document

1st July 

Eric Herbel

Ingeborg Holt 

Optimizing the Use of Data Standards

Best Practices for Submission of Event Adjudication Data

31st May 

Umair Ijaz Dar

Optimizing the Use of Data Standards

Clinical Legacy Data Conversion Plan and Report

ADRG Package:

ADRG Completion Guidelines

ADRG_Example1 with_LDCP

ADRG Example2 with LDCP

ADRG Template with LDCP v1.2 

Analysis Data Reviewer's Guide Sample

Analysis Data Reviewer's Guide Sample CDISC Pilot

22nd February 2019 


Optimizing the Use of Data Standards

Define-XML Version 2.0 Completion Guidelines

Supporting Feedback Document 

15th January 2019


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