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PhUSE 2014 Keynote - Pritpal S Tamber

Dr Pritpal S Tamber is a "health explorer" and the Physician Editor of TEDMED 2013. With the increasing acceptance that health care contributes only 10-20% of what we call health, he leads an extraordinary and eclectic group of thinkers and doers in the search for new ways to understand, create and value health.
A qualified doctor, Pritpal's first career move was journalistic. From the editorial
world of the revered medical journal, the BMJ, he moved back into surgical training and then into science publishing where a series of edgy start-ups gave him a taste for lateral thinking, innovation and ways to create new, disruptive value.

During his keynote speech on Monday, Pritpal gave us an insight on why the one-size-fits-all approaches to medicine are now in doubt and on the type of opportunities that this will bring to people that are eloquent with data.

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 PhUSE 2014 Keynote - Dr Fergus Sweeney (EMEA)

Fergus Sweeney is the Head of Inspections and Human Medicines Pharmacovigilance Division at EMA. The Division is responsible for pharmacovigilance including signal detection, management and monitoring of products on the market and provides leadership for the Agency's pharmacovigilance system. 

Fergus has a Degree in Physiology (Trinity College Dublin, Ireland, 1979), a Doctorate de Troisieme Cycle in Cancer Biology (Universite de Paris, 1982) and a PHD in Pharmacology (UCD, Ireland, 1986). Prior to joining the Agency he worked in industry from 1982 to 1999, covering phase I-IV clinical research, pharmacovigilance and laboratory activities, primarily in the field of quality assurance. 

In his keynote speech Fergus addressed the conference's main theme 'Data Transparency' elaborating on EMA vision and shedding light on the new policy, publication of clinical data that was released just 10 days prior to the start of the conference.

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 PhUSE 2014 Keynote - Dr. Lilliam Rosario (FDA)

Dr. Rosario is the Director of the Office of Computational Science (OCS) in the Office of Translational Sciences, Center for Drug Evaluation and Research, FDA. OCS innovates tools, technologies and services specifically for drug product review and provides these to reviewers at the right time backed up with training and support.

Acknowledging that successful reviews start with good data, OCS continues to innovate and support reviewers. Dr. Rosario has led the OCS to make real it’s motto: Better data, better tools, better decisions.

In her keynote speech, Dr. Lilliam Rosario shared how the OCS supports the modernisation of CDER’s scientific review capabilities taking the example of the rewarded JumpStart program.

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