Conference 2008 - Keynote Presentation

The major sections of the talk are listed below, but the supporting details, and how they are developed, make this a talk well worth viewing. 

Dr. Forster said that financial, macro-economic, political and technological forces are changing the face of the pharmaceutical industry and driving the need for pharmaceutical companies to adapt.

Forces discussed were:

  • A shift away from the belief that bigger is better and Pharmaceutical companies are beginning to doubt that they will get “benefits of scale”.

  • A slump in shareholder return that must be addressed if the pharmaceutical industry is to be the heavily invested industry that is has historically been.

  • A historically short average patent life for Pharmaceutical products and this will soon create large financial pressures.

  • R&D output (as measured by number of drugs approved) is flat but R&D spending is up.

  • A decade of consolidation and consolidation has resulted in a shift in employment patterns.

Dr. Forster suggested that “in change, there is opportunity”  and discussed changes that he saw the industry making that were both positive and healthy.

Responses that the industry is making were:

  • A shift to biologics and the resulting increase in a company’s ability to defend intellectual property.

  • Greater outsourcing

  • A shift in market focus from Europe an the US to emerging markets

  • A shift away from “bigger is better” to new business models, especially in R&D. 

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