Conference 2008

PHUSE 2008 was held October 13th through October 15th. This fourth PHUSE conference was held at The Midland Hotel in Manchester and was chaired by Olivier Leconte (Roche).

PHUSE 2008 was held in the historic city of Manchester England and brought together a record number of attendees for a half-week of education, networking and fun.  


The venue was the beautiful Midlands Hotel, a luxurious and historic building.  It was interesting to learn that the meeting between Misters Rolls and Royce to start the Rolls Royce Motor company was held in the Midlands.   It was amusing to learn that, while many celebrities have stayed at the Midlands, the Beatles were refused service in the Midlands’ gourmet restaurant because they did not meet the dress code!  

The Octagon shaped rotunda, near the conference rooms, provided an excellent venue for seeing vendors and socializing with friends made in past conferences.   In order to present all the papers, several rooms were employed with each room being assigned a “presentation track” or “presentation theme”.  No matter the experience or job of an attendee, something of interest was always being presented.     

Many people arrived Sunday and did some sightseeing.  The original roman camp has been partially excavated (Chester means Camp or Fort in Latin).  Close to the conference center, the Manchester town hall and R John Rylands Library are famous (tourists take photos of the library bathrooms) for their detail and design.  On a more modern note, Manchester was a center of the industrial revolution and has several excellent technology oriented museums.  The town had several art museums and galleries with excellent shows.

2008 Papers

Best paper winners are highlighted in bold text.

Applications and Software Development

AD01: Modelling in Excel, How to Teach an Old Dog, New Tricks
Paul Shannon, RTI Health Solutions (Size: 208 Kb)

AD02: SAS® Data via.NET® "The Power to Show"
Nicolas Rouillé, Mereck Sorono International (Size: 1,304Kb)

AD03: Data Standardisation, Clinical Data Warehouse and SAS® Standard Programs
Jean-Marc Ferran, Novo Nordisk A/S, Mikkel Traun, Functional Architect,
Pia Hjulskov Kristenses, Business Implementation Specialist (Size: 118 Kb)

AD04: Automated Drug Safety Signal Detection with Guided Analysis
Eric Brinsfield, SAS Institute, David Olaleye, SAS Institute (Size: 159 Kb)

AD05: Decimaker: A statistical software using R, Microsoft .NET, R (D)COM Server and graphical libraries
Julien Vanwinsberghe, ClinBAY, Francois Vandenhende, ClinBAY  (Size: 552 Kb)

AD06: Configuring SAS®9 for Application Development with ASP.NET
David Shannon, Amadeus Software Ltd (Size: 1333 Kb)

WINNER AD07:Using SAS Enterprise Guide Add-In to Enable Guided Statistics
Bas van Bakel, OCS Consulting (Size: 641 Kb)

AD08: An approach to Version Control with SAS®
John Woods, ICON Clinical Research, Paul Crean, ICON Clinical Research (Size: 299 Kb)

AD09: Automated table generation: The macro SAS %GEEWHIZ
Guido Wendland, UCB Pharama (Size: 300 Kb)

AD10: A Generalised Reporting Application based upon XML Descriptions
Fan Shao, Mango Solutions (Size: 105 Kb)

AD11: Using TFL Metadata to Populate Titles & Footnotes in SAS Programs for Clinical Trials
Stephen Hunt & Brian Fairfield-Carter, ICON Clinical Research (Size: 160 Kb)

AD12: SHARE - A Reporting System for Efficacy Outputs using SAS® Macro
Vinod Kaippillil Mukundaprasad, Roche Products (Size: 45 Kb)

Coder's Corner

CC01: SAS macro %COUNT 
Jim Groeneveld, OCS Biometric Support (Size: 55 Kb)

CC02: Flexible Code Using Arrays With a Variable Name Wildcard
Jonathan Goodard, Independent Contractor (Size: 35 Kb)

CC03: Name Your Log with the Date & Time on Windows
David Shannon, Amadeus Software (Size: 45 Kb)

CC04: One Macro to Convert Variableswith Formats to Character
Magnus Mengelbier, Limelogic Ltd, Jan Skowronski, Limelogic Ltd  (Size: 186 Kb)

CC05: I want it _ ALL _ ... and I want it now
Gary Hearfield, Amgen (Size: 40 Kb)

CC06: Styling statistical output - A CRO perspective
Annet te Velde, AUTHOR! Data Analysis and Reporting (Size: 41 Kb)

CC07: Abbreviation Creation and Use: Loading an Abbreviation File
Chris Moser, Contractor DataMeans, Ed Heaton, Westrat,
Russ Lavery, Contractor Numeric Resources (Size: 40 Kb)

WINNER CC08: Multiple Graphs on One Page Using GREPLAY with "100% Templates" 
Dirk Spruck, Accovion  (Size: 219.68 Kb)


CD01: The application of SDTM in a disease  (oncology)-oriented organization
Angelo Tinazzi, Alessandro Cattaneo, Enrica Paschetto & Sonia Colombini SENDO-Tech S.r.l (Size: 397 Kb)

CD02: CDISC Implementation Strategies: Exploit your data assets while still giving the FDA what they want
David Smith, SAS Institute (Size: 382 Kb)

CD03: Implementing CDISC at Boehringer Ingelheim
Michael Knoessl, Boehringer Ingelheim, Peter Leister, IBM (Size: 45 Kb)

WINNER CD04: Using the SAS® XML Mapper and ODS to create a PDF representation of the define.xml
Lex Jansen, Octagon Research Solutions (Size: 1,138 Kb)

CD05: In at the Deep-End (thoughts on mapping multiple studies into CDISC for an ISS/ISE)
Andrew Noller, Qunitiles (Size: 170 kb)

CD06: CDISC - an overview, How far have we come, where are we going and what is the next step
Ann-Sofie Bergstrom, SAS Institute (Size: )

CD07: CDISC SDTM, ADaM and Metadata : Connecting the Standards
Joel Hoffman, Waban Software (Size: )

CD08: CDISC: Implementation Strategies for SDTM
Brian Mabe, UCB Pharma (Size: 121 Kb)

Coding Solutions

CS01: Just Using ODS Tables - PROC REPORT not needed!
Philip Holland, Holland Numerics Ltd (Size: 158.26 Kb)

CS03: Spot the Difference
Anja Feuerbacher, F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd, Beate Hientzsch & Gabi Lückel, Accovion (Size: 220 Kb)

CS04: Titles and footnote management from the TLF shell to the final outputs
Thierry Jegoux, Sanofi pasteur (Size: 251 kb)

CS05: Creating adverse event tables using PROC SQL
Berber Snoeijer, OCS Biometric
Support (Size: 73 Kb)

CS06: Alias Macros, A Flexible Versioning System for Standard SAS Macros
Jean-Michel Bodart, UCB Pharma, Guido Wendland, UCB Pharma (Size: 53 Kb)

Using JMP to CYA
David Garbutt, Business & Decision (Size: )

WINNER CS08: Floating Point error - what, why and how to!!
Nigel Montgomery, Novartis Pharma AG (Size: 187 Kb)

CS09: Automating Elements of Validation in the Context of an ISE/ISS
Paul Kearney, Online Success Ltd (Size: 26 Kb)

CS10: GTL (Graphics Template Language) in SAS 9.2
Philip R Holland, Holland Numerics Ltd (Size: 292 Kb)

Data Management

DM01: ETL and Data Quality: Which Comes First?
Greg Nelson & Emilio Power, ThotWave Technolgies (Size: 716 Kb)

WINNER DM02: Efficiency Issues in Evaluating Pharmacogenetic Data With SAS
Volker Harm & Stephan Lehr, Bayer Schhering Pharma AG (Size: 78 Kb)

Practical application of SAS® Clinical Data Integration Server for conversion to SDTM data
Mark Lambrecht, SAS Institute & Peter Van Reuselm, Business & Decision Life Sciences (Size: 332 Kb)

DM04: Visualisation & Management of First Time in Human Safety data
Martin Farrimond, Mango Solutions (Size: 191 Kb)

DM05: Migration of clincal data from IBM MVS to HP UNIX
Fronke Gerken, Boehringer Ingelheim (Size: 314 Kb)

Professional Development & Training

PD01: A game of snakes and ladders
Dr Kerry Gordon, Quintiles (Size: 44 Kb)

WINNER PD02: Experience of Global Working - A Japanese cultural example
Mako Araga, Novartis Pharma AG (Size: 37 Kb) 

PD03: Being a lead programme in ac CRO:Is it better or worse than in a pharma company?
Alex Grigg, i3 Statprobe (Size: 34 kb)

PD04: Offshoring - Have I seen this CV before
Shafi Chowdhury, Shafi Consultancy Ltd (Size: 18 kb)

PD05: Global environment: Choosing the right model and partner
Balu Ramakrishnan, Roche Products Pty Limited (Size: )

PD06: WorldWide Deployment of an Application
Yvane Boudraa, Sanofi-Aventis Pharma, Fabienne Rouille, ABS Technologies (Size: 135 Kb)

PD07: Metrics Unleashed II: Measuring Productivity or Inspiring Artisans
Greg Nelson, ThotWave Technologies, Mark Matthews, Eli Lilly, Neil Howard, Independent Consultant
(Size: 251 Kb)

PD08: Challenges and Opportunities of working with the Pharma industry - A BPO perspective 
Dr. K. V Palanichamy, Tata Consultancy Services Ltd, Samidha Sawant & Anagha Bhatkhande, Tata Consultancy Services Ltd, Balu Ramakrishnan, Roche Products Limited (Size: 27 Kb)

PD09: The X-Factor - Recruiting the Best
Rachel Bowman, AstraZeneca (Size: 17 Kb)


P001: Pharmacokinetics for the Non-Specialist
Harpreet Rattan, Roche Products Limited (Size: 65 Kb)

P002: Enriching decision making through data integration: Creating a project database (PDb)
Jennifer Lomax, AstraZeneca, Nicki Noble, AstraZeneca (Size: 28 Kb)

P003: %RTFParser
Duong Tran, Tranz Ltd (Size: 27 Kb)

P004: Improving the Quality of Data
Hester Schoeman, Covance CAPS Ltd. (Size: 385 Kb)

Duong Tran, Tranz Ltd (Size: 86 Kb)

P006: Weigh-up your SAS® skills : Certification Vs. Experience
Amar Najib, Citibank, Donnna Thompson, AstraZeneca (Size: 49 Kb)

P007: Missing Data in Cross-Over Trials
Edyta Mrowka, Quanticate (Size147 Kb)

P008: How big? Oh's time to prepare!
Julie Oates (Size: 95 Kb)

P009: Let SAS HELP Help You
Catriona O'Hare, ICON Clinical Research (Size: 205 Kb)

WINNER P010: Guilty as Charged!
Carrie Eason, & Stephanie Noller, Qunitiles Limited (Size: 199 Kb)

P011: A graphical approach to Examine the Completeness of Epidemiological Data: Patient Profile Plots (PPPs) and Centre Profile Plots (CPPs)
Methodios Typou, Independent Consultant, Joseph Kim, Amgen (Size: 338 Kb)

P012: An Animated Guide: The Logical Cascade through the --ORRES Variable
Russell Lavery, Numeric Resources (Size: 335 Kb)

P013: Run Forest ! Run ! Create a flexible Forest Plots with SAS® Enterprise Guide.
Emmanuel Bourmaud, Adrien Valee, & Gwenael Le Teuff, Keyrus Biopharma (Size: 155 Kb)

P014: Statistics for Non-Statisticians
Shambhavi Nayak, Quanticate Ltd (Size: 86 Kb)

P015: Biostatistics and Data Management - A match made in ....Tasmania?
Elaine Dempsey, Omnicare Clinical Research (Size: 65 Kb)


RA01: RECIST Temptation
Paul Jenkins, Quintiles (Size: 85 Kb)

WINNER RA02:  Risk Based Approach Applied to the Validation of Report Objects
Christoph Ziegler, F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd (Size: 157 Kb)

RA03: Automating Production of Validation Documentation
Tangi Sanséau, ICON Clinical Research (Size: 465 Kb)

RA05: Developing a clinical reporting system collaboratively under an Open Source software license.
Ann M. Martin, UCB Pharma (Size: 21 Kb)

RA06: Validation of Clinical Output: More Quality with Less Effort
Jules van der Zalm, OCS Biometric Support (Size: 262 Kb)

RA07: Automatic Unit Testing of SAS programs with SASUnit
Andreas Mangold & Dr Patrick Warnat, HMS Analytical Software GmbH (Size: 358 Kb)

RA08: Drug Safety Reporting - now and then
David Garbutt, Business & Decision (Size: 1,074 Kb)

Statistics & Pharmacokinetics

ST01: Exchange of Information for the Statistical Analysis and Reporting of PK Parameter Data
Ann Cuijpers, J&JPRD, Sarah Rusch, J&JPRD, Iris Van de Vliet, J&JRPD (Size: 84 Kb)

WINNER ST02: Evaluation of Diagnostic Agents: a SAS® Macro for Sample Size Estimation Using Exact Methods
Stefano Vezzoli, CROS NT (Size: 289 Kb)

ST03: A gentle introduction to Survival Analysis
Martin Scottt, Numerous Limited,
Angelo Tinazzi & Anna Compagnoni, SENDO Tech S.r.l. (Size: 223 Kb)

ST06: How to produce Forrest-plots with PROC GPLOT and Annotate facility
Laetitia Lemoine Le Halpert, Quintiles (Size: 96 Kb)

ST07: Concepts and Ideas for Developing and Maintaining a Utility Toolbox of SAS Statistical Procedures
David Carr, ICON Clinical Research (Size: 150 Kb)

ST08: Statistically guided review of safety data in clinical trials
Michael OConnell, ITIBCO Spotfire, Harry Southworth, AstraZeneca (Size 410 Kb)

ST09: A Collection of SAS Macros to Calculate Odds Ratios using Spline Regression
Martin Gregory, Merck Serono (Size: 134 Kb)

Technical Solutions

TS01: J(u)mp to R: Using R functions in JMP Genomics
Patrick Rene Warnat, Friedrich Schuster & Andreas Mangold, HMS Analytical Software GmbH (Size: 46 Kb)

Diederik Pietersma, AstraZeneca (Size: 251 Kb)

TS03: Delivering Statistics - a Workflow Supported by the SAS Stored Processes
Volker Harm, Bayer Schering Pharma AG (Size: 179 Kb)

TS04: SAS® Talking via the Java Object Interface
Magnus Mengelbier, Limelogic Ltd, Jan Skowronski, Limelogic Limited (Size: 188 Kb)

TS05: Kept in Translation: Avoiding Data Loss and Other Problems When Converting Japanese Data
Steve Prust, Covance (Size: 148 Kb)

TS06: SAS and LaTeX - A perfect match?
Juha-Pekka Perttola, F. Hoffmann-La Roche AG (Size: 113 Kb)

TS07: SAS macros for S-PLUS Clinical Graphics within a Production Reporting Environment
Sven Jesper Knudsen & Charlie Roosen, TIOBCO Spotfire (Size: 162 Kb)

TS08: Dynamic Decimal Precision and Alignment in Clinical Trial Summary Tables and Patient Data
Stephen Hunt & Brian Fairfield-Carter, ICON Clinical Research (Size: 117 Kb)

TS09: A Graphical Approach to Examine the Completeness of Epidemiological Data: Patient Profile Plots (PPPs) and Centre Profile Plots (CPPs)
Methodios Typou, Aeolus Consultancy Limited, Joseph Kim, Amgen (Size: 352 Kb)

TS10: Getting More from the Compute Block to Enhance Table & Listing Output for Clinical Trials Reporting
David Carr, ICON Clinical Research (Size: 176 Kb)


TU01: Today's Project Management Software: It's Easier Thank You Think!
Jenny Gandhi, Quanticate International Ltd (Size: 365 Kb)

TU03: XML by eXaMpLe
Raymond Ebben, OCS Consulting (Size: 231 Kb)

TU04: Professional outputs with ODS LATEX
Arnaud Dauchy, Sanofi-Aventis, Solenn Le Guennec, Sanofi-Aventis (Size: 153 Kb)

TU05: Applying SMQs to Adverse Event Data
John van Bemmelen, Schering-Plough (Size: 329 Kb)

TU06: An introduction to ODS Statistical Graphics
Ian Sedgwick, SAS (Size: 264 Kb)

WINNER TU07: An Animated Guide: Knowing SQL internal processes makes SQL Easy, makes SQL easy
Russell Lavery, Numeric Resources Contractor (Size:134 Kb)

TU08: ... but there are no ERROR messages in the LOGs
Shafi Chowdhury, Shafi Consultancy Ltd (Size: 50 Kb)

TU09:Using SAS®9 in Clinical Research
Greg Nelson, ThotWave Technologies (Size: 53 Kb)

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