Conference 2006

PHUSE 2006 was held October 9th through October 11th, 2006 in the beautiful city of Dublin, Ireland. As in 2005, this second successful conference brought together nearly 300 attendees from the pharma industry. Following comments from the Heidelberg event, this year's conference was held at the Burlington, a 500-room hotel, which had room for most delegates to stay.

As before, the conference had three parallel streams of presentations. The main focus was on the use of SAS software in the pharmaceutical industry. Presentations ranged from simple but useful programming tips to the lasted on integrating available technology with industry requirements, e.g. SPlus, ETL Studio, Microsoft .NET and CDISC. Between presentations there was the opportunity to wander around the demo and exhibition area where CROs, solution providers and software vendors featured their products and solutions.

This year registration opened on Sunday, which meant the evening provided an opportunity for early arrivals to catch up with old friends and colleagues. It also allowed a prompt start at 9am on Monday morning for the opening address by Stephen Bamford. Stephen was followed by the keynote address, this year given by Mike Collins from Pfizer, who outlined the future challenges facing the industry and programmers in particular.

The rest of the day was given over to presentations in the Industry Starters stream, Technical and Coding Solutions, and Tutorials. Monday also saw the start of the Applications and Software Development stream, which ran through all 3 days of the conference. The day didn't end there though as coaches whisked everyone off to conference party at St James' Gate, the home of Guinness. This provided the perfect venue for delegates to discuss the events of the day.

Tuesday continued with presentations on Regulatory Affairs, Professional Development, Statistics and PK and Coders' Corner. After the presentations there was an opportunity to partake in some wine and cheese, and discuss the posters with their authors at the manned session.

Wednesday morning saw the last of the presentations, covering Data Management as well as completing some of other streams. Following this was a panel discussion based on the use of graphics within data reporting with panellists Philip Holland from Holland Numerics Ltd, Dave Smith from SAS, Joel Hoffman from Insightful and Richard Pugh from Mango Solutions. Greg Nelson from ThotWave Technologies chaired the panel, which included numerous contributions from the floor and lots of good-natured debate.

The conference ended with a closing speech by Stephen Bamford, which included prize giving for the best papers in each stream and the lucky winners of the various exhibitor prizes. This speech also introduced Dirk Spruck, who will chair next year's conference.

2006 Papers

Applications and Software Development

AD01: My Enterprise Guide
David Shannon, Amadeus Software Ltd (Size: 822 Kb)

AD02: Real Time: What is it and what are we doing about it
Greg Nelson, ThotWave Technologies (Size: 280 Kb)

AD03: Tracking user requirements and output development
Xavier Passera, Detour Solutions Ltd. & Jon-Paul Mewes, Roche (Size: 423 Kb)

AD04: The Converter Tool: An in-house ETL solution built with SAS/AF
Beco Isia, MSD (Size: 457 Kb)

AD05:  The Output Bundle: A Solution for a Fully Documented Program Run
Carl Herremans, Merck Sharp & Dohme (Europe), Inc. (Size: 294 Kb)

AD06: Pros and Cons of Standardisation - A user's dilemma
Khilit Shah, GlaxoSmithKline (Size: 215 Kb)

AD08: Implementation & Maintenance of a Reporting System
Lee Seymour, GlaxoSmithKline (Size: 260 Kb)

AD09: Contours of a Drug Development Data Warehouse
Paul Vervuren, NV Organon & Frank Dietvorst, PW Consulting (Size: 870 Kb)

AD10: Using Microsoft SQL Server 2005 to get SAS running
Edward Foster, Oxford Pharmaceutical Sciences (Size: N/A)

AD11: Using the SAS Information Delivery Portal in the Pharmaceutical Sector
Raymond Ebben, OCS Consulting (Size: 643 Kb)

WINNER AD12:  Submission Data File System (SDF)
David Edwards & Marcus Bloom, Amgen (Size: 662 Kb)

AD13:  Why Safety Reporting IS like Rocket Science
David Garbutt, BSI ag (Size: 242 Kb)

AD14: Automating table production using an S-plus module
Gavin Winpenny, Pfizer (Size: 457 Kb)

Coder's Corner

CC01: A Quick Guide to the WinZip Command Line Add-on
David Brennan, Independent Consultant (Size: 274 Kb)

CC02: Using Just SAS 9.1 to Draw Trellis Graphs
Philip Holland, Holland Numerics Ltd (Size: 390 Kb)

CC03: Mimicking NOSEPS in ODS RTF output created with Proc Report and Proc Tabulate
Twan van Berkel & Gertjan van Maaren, NV Organon (Size: 407 Kb)

CC04: Post-Processing .LST files to get what you want
Edward Foster, Oxford Pharmaceutical Sciences (Size: 292 Kb)

CC05: Sorting by formatted values
Jim Groeneveld, OCS Consulting (Size: 208 Kb)

CC06: PROC REPORT techniques
Steve Prust, Covance (Size: 218 Kb)

CC07: Presenting graphs on one page
Sandrine Stepien, Quintiles (Size: 307 Kb)

CC08: A Wildcard Character for Variable Lists
Malachy Foley, Independent Consultant/Trainer (Size: 211 Kb)

Shafi Chowdhury, Shafi Consultancy Ltd (Size: 341 Kb)

Coding Solutions

CS01: In-Text Tables Revisited: A Flexible System Pleasing All Departments
Mark Janssens, Tibotec (Size: 281 Kb)

CS02: Watch out, a MERGE ahead!
Benjamin Szilagyi , Novartis Pharma AG & Christof Binder, BIOP AG Basel (Size: 353 Kb)

WINNER CS03:Lessons Learned: Valuable (But Hidden) SAS Details
Dante diTommaso, F. Hoffmann - La Roche & Company & Benjamin Szilagyi, Novartis Pharma (Size: 342 Kb)

CS04: Creating (PK) concentration - event graphs
Berber Snoeijer, Biometric Support (Size: 299 Kb)

CS05: Visualising Adverse Events in 3D
Jayaprabha Ramakrishnan & Tim Palmer, Pfizer (Size: 311 Kb)

CS06: Create your own functions using SAS/MACRO and SCL
Edward Foster, Oxford Pharmaceutical Sciences (Size: 290 Kb)

CS07: Using the Win32 API from SAS
Edward Foster, Oxford Pharmaceutical Sciences (Size: 368 Kb)

CS08: SAS 9 ODS Reporting In For Business!
Ian Amaranayake, Amadeus Software Ltd (Size: 633 Kb)

Data Management

DM01: Base SAS vs. Data Integration Studio: Understanding ETL and the SAS tools
Greg Nelson, ThotWave Technologies (Size: 776 Kb)

WINNER DM02:  Bringing Clarity To Complexity: The Use Of Data Visualisation
Neville Cope, Amgen (Size: 708 Kb)

DM04: Interfering with Data Management by the Statistician
Jim Groeneveld, OCS Consulting (Size: 271 Kb)

Professional Development & Management

PD01: Save Time: Program Your Output Specs
Hansjorg Frenzel & James Witt, PRA International (Size: 627 Kb)

PD02: Microcontent with TiddlyWiki - the program I wish I had written
David Garbutt, BSI ag (Size: 305 Kb)

PD03: Much more than TFLs - the evolving role of the Biometrician
Chris Simmons, Covance CAPS Ltd (Size: 1187 Kb)

WINNER PD04: Avoiding Mouse Elbow
Malachy Foley, Independent Consultant/Trainer (Size: 216 Kb)

PD05: Metrics Unleashed: Measuring Productivity or Inspiring Artisans
Neil Howard, Independent Consultant & Greg Nelson, Thotwave Technologies (Size: 254 Kb)

PD06: Global Resource Estimation
Roy Ward, Novartis (Size: 684 Kb)

PD07: Standardization in Clinical Development
Marianne Carames, Novo Nordisk A/S (Size: 275 Kb)


PO01: My Enterprise Guide
David Shannon, Amadeus Software Ltd (Size: 821 Kb)

PO03: SAS Programmer Resources on the web: Experiences Acquired Surfing the Net
Angelo Tinazzi & Alessandro Cattaneo, SENDO Tech S.r.l. & Martin Scott, Numerus Ltd (Size: 656 Kb)

P004:How to Prevent Producing Misleading Graphical Displays
Julie Oates (Size: 291 Kb)

PO06: Overview of the Pfizer Phase 1 Management System (P1MS) 

Ian Delahay, Pfizer (Size: 198 Kb)

P007: Titles and Footnotes Macro
Jennie McGuirk & John Woods, ICON Clinical Research (Size: 164 Kb)

P008: Defensive Programming Techniques
Jennie McGuirk & John Woods, ICON Clinical Research (Size: 61 Kb)

P009: The Power of RETAIN Statement in Clinical Trial Programming by Examples
Baoxian Lan, Everest Clinical Research Services Inc. (Size: 216 Kb)

P010: The Hazards of Modelling Proportional Hazards in SAS
Erika Daly, Farzana Sufi & Aline van Maanen, ICON Clinical Research (Size: 61 Kb)

WINNER P011: Working with Partial Dates
Rachel Bowman, GlaxoSmithKline (Size: 302 Kb)

P012: Compare files with Diff Doc
Donald Paterson, Amgen (Size: 198 Kb)

P013: Challenges Involved in the Integration of Clinical Study Data
Ryan DeCosta, Satellite (Size: 261 Kb)

P015: Bringing Clarity to Complexity: The Use of Data Visualisation
Neville Cope, Amgen (Size: 183 Kb)

P016: Is your output telling you the truth?  Tips and Tricks in verifying SAS Outputs
Angelo Tinazzi & Sonia Colombini, SENDO Tech S.r.l. & Lisa Comarella & Marta Zanus CROS NT (Size: 252 Kb)

P017: Adding (p-) Value to Tables - a Programmer's Perspective
Kathryn Wright, Oxford Pharmaceutical Sciences (Size: 389 Kb)

P018: A SAS Macro to Find and Replace
David Brennan, Independent Consultant (Size: 291 Kb)

Regulatory Affairs

WINNER RAO1: Converting Data to the SDTM Standard Using SAS Data Integration Studio
Barry Cohen, Octagon Research Solutions, Inc. (Size: 332 Kb)

RA02: Using CDISC Models for the Analysis of Safety Data
Susan Kenny, Inspire Pharmaceuticals, Inc. & Ed Helton, SAS Institute (Size: 321 Kb)

RA04:SAS macro validation criteria
Jim Groeneveld, OCS Consulting (Size: 281 Kb)

RA05: The use of CDISC Standards in SAS from Data Capture to Reporting
Andrew Fagan, SAS & John Leveille, d-wise (Size: 2056 Kb)

SAS Starters

WINNER SS01:Duplicates or 'Can your repeat that?'
Lawrence Heaton-Wright, Quintiles Limited (Size: 231 Kb)

SS02: Some Basic Statistics for Non-Statisticians
Gary Stevens, Biogen Idec Ltd. (Size: 339 Kb)

SS03: Updating Spreadsheet Data and Graphics
Nigel Mulford, Covance CRU Ltd. (Size: 396 Kb)

SS04: To SAS Documentatin and Beyond
Olivier Leconte, Roche (Size: 531 Kb)

SS05: An Introduction to PROC SQL
Anthony Cooper, GlaxoSmithKline (Size: 303 Kb)

Statistics & Pharmacokinetics

ST01: A tour through PTOC ROBUSTREG
Michael O'Kelly, Quintiles Ireland Ltd (Size: 248 Kb)

ST02: Proc MIxed - Trials and Tribulations
Shelley Fordred, GlaxoSmithKline (Size: 340 Kb)

ST03:Statistics and Pharmacokinetics in Clinical Pharmacology Studies
Amy Newlands, GlaxoSmithKline (Size: 388 Kb)

ST04: Having Confidence in non-parametric data
John Salter, Oxford Pharmaceutical Sciences (Size: 302 Kb)

ST05: (Sample) Size DOES Matter
John Salter, Oxford Pharmaceutical Sciences (Size: 360 Kb)

ST06: "Self-validating" data
Christof Binder, BIOP, Biometrical Practice & Dante diTommaso, F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd (Size: 277 Kb)

WINNER ST07: Analysis of incomplete two-period crossover trials with SAS PROC MIXED
Jochen Mueller-Cohrs, Accovion (Size: 696 Kb)

Technical Solutions

TS01: Listings and Patient Summaries in Excel
Xavier Passera, Detour Solutions Ltd. (Size: 505 Kb)

TS02: SAS to PDF and JPEG (or viewing outputs in Windows Explorer)
Xavier Passera, Detour Solutions Ltd. (Size: 298 Kb)

TS03: What's new in SAS 9.1.2 for Clinical Programmers
Dave Smith, SAS (Size: 849 Kb)

TS04: Statistical Graphics and Reporting in Drug Development
Michael O'Connell & Sven Knudsen, Insightful (Size: 466 Kb)

TS05: Liberate - A component-based service orientated reporting architecture
David Royle, Huntingdon Life Sciences (Size: 2748 Kb)

TS06: A 'bit' about Proc Summary: Technique for Working with Summary Output
Gregory Weber, DataCeutics, Inc. (Size: 254 Kb)

TS07: Using Web Services to exchange information via XML
Edward Foster, Oxford Pharmaceutical Sciences (Size: 396 Kb)

TS08: Roadmap for IT support of analysis/interpretation of data in drug discovery
Franky De Cooman, Business & Decision & Rudi Verbeeck & Luc Bijnens, Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical Research and Development (Size: 222 Kb)

WINNER TS09: Analyse That! : ways to assist the understanding of SAS datasets
Steve Prust, Covance (Size: 620 Kb)

TS10: Integrating Specialized Graphics and Analysis into Production Systems
Joel Hoffman & Michael O'Connell, Insightful (Size: 1258 Kb)


TU01:Basic Statistics and Commonly Encountered Statistical Tests for Statistical Programmers
Maria Efstathiou, Quintiles Limited (Size: 291 Kb)

WINNER TU02: What is Efficient SAS Coding?
Philip Holland, Holland Numerics Ltd (Size: 295 Kb)

TU04: GNIT your own - Creative ways to use Unix text tools for everyday problems
David Garbutt, BSI ag (Size: 334 Kb)

TU05: How to annotate graphics
Sandrine Stepien, Quintiles (Size: 534 Kb)

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