13th October 2018

Converting High-volume Data: Challenge for Relevant Clinical Data Insight



On Saturday October 13th, 2018, PHUSE held its fourth and last Single Day Event (SDE) of 2018 in Chennai, Tamilnadu, India. The theme covered one of the most important topics of interest – “Converting High-volume Data: Challenge for Relevant Clinical Data Insight” – by clear understanding of the fact that there is almost no aspect of life that Big Data cannot impact in the era of data-driven decisions. This SDE witnessed the highest number of attendees to date, with 120 participants, and set a new milestone in the history of PHUSE SDEs in Chennai.

The agenda featured presentations by speakers with a wide range of industry experience from three to twenty years from various CROs, pharma and life sciences service providers. With nine presentations, this SDE focused on significant topics such as the role of Big Data in drug discovery; microbiome data in clinical trials; potential challenges, opportunities and solutions; integrity and security risks for Big Data in clinical trials; regulatory perspective; networking of data sources; re-use of historical clinical trial data in medical, clinical, data management; visualization; and statistical analysis and reporting, with the emphasis on sensibly leveraging technological advancements.

The panel discussion was very much interactive, motivating and connected well with the audience. Lots of interesting questions were asked by the audience about technologies, automated machine learning, skillset requirements, the impact of Big Data in clinical trials and personalized medicine, and fast-paced learnings. It was a great day, with a very positive atmosphere and strong content.

Single Day Event Chairs Dr. Sakthivel Sivam and Priya Iyer would like to thank all the presenters and their companies, the sponsors, everyone who helped in organizing the day and, of course, all the attendees, for making the PHUSE 2018 Chennai SDE a most successful event.



(to follow)

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Big Data in Clinical Trials – Vincent J Amoruccio, Pfizer

Beyond Disruption – Challenges and Opportunities in Digital Transformation – Nishanth Nalan, Agati

Statistical Analysis and Visualization of Microbiome Data in Clinical Trials – Athira Sudhakaran and Limna Salim, Genpro Life Sciences

Challenge in Converting High-volume Data to Relevant Clinical Data from a Regulatory Perspective – Kaushik Maity, Covance

AACT Database – An Open Reference for Subject Safety in Clinical Trials – Balamurugan Dhayalan and Gowtham Manickaselvam, Symbiance

Getting from Data to Information – Jatin Patel and Anagha Gumaste, PAREXEL

Role of Big Data Analytics in Drug Discover – Hemant Mittal, Novartis

Big Data in Clinical Trials: Hurdle or Solution? – Arnab Goswami and Sampada Angane, Quanticate

Converting High-volume Data Challenges to Relevant Clinical Data Insight – Navneet Kumar, ICON


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SDE Chairs:

Sakthivel Sivam, GSK

Priya Venkatesan Iyer, Pfizer




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