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As a volunteer-led society, PHUSE is certainly unique. Volunteering with the PHUSE community brings great rewards to our members. The knowledge you will foster through your experiences, the professional development you will gain and the people you will get to know through contributing is hugely enriching. You can extend your existing skill set and even learn new skills during the support you offer the PHUSE Society. We highly value our volunteers because without them we would not be able to advance in our mission to connect, share and advance.

We warmly welcome volunteers to join us in the following areas:

Working Groups

There are over 60 active Working Groups projects, meaning there is constant opportunity to participate in this fast-growing area of the Society. Your professional experience can help solve issues around regulatory review and health product development, whilst interacting with other industry experts.

Our Wiki page provides an overview of each of our six Working Groups and the projects within them. Here you can find details of the aims of the projects and the expected deliverables. If you are interested in becoming involved, contact



Whether you’re a first-time speaker or regularly lead events, why not present at one of our global Single Day Events (SDEs).

Alternatively, you could chair or host an SDE. Opportunities are available for next year throughout EMEA, APAC and the Americas.

There are also opportunities for committee members for our EU and US Connects in 2020. Our committee volunteers bring a wealth of diverse experience to running these annual events and many are involved year on year.

Please contact to find out how you can get on board at our global and regional events.



At the time of writing, we are pleased to announce we are a membership of 9,104! This is excellent news for the Society, for we are now well within reach of achieving our 10,000-member goal in 2019.

If you would like to be hands-on in increasing our membership, then perhaps explore being a Regional Membership Officer. In this diverse role, you would be instrumental in promoting PHUSE in all areas and driving our membership forward.

Find out how your skills can help our membership to continue to grow, and in turn welcome new volunteers, by getting in touch at


Communications and Marketing

If you enjoy writing, there are various ways in which you can showcase your skills and share your top tips and recommendations. Idea sharing is what drives us forward and by contributing your learnings, you will make a huge impact within our statistical programming community.

Our NEW PHUSE Members Blog (soon to be announced) will provide timely updates of current news, industry hot topics and more. If you would like to become a member of the PHUSE Society, click here. Look out for our mailing, with more details coming soon.

If you would like to contribute to the Members Blog, please contact


We thank you, our volunteers, for helping PHUSE define the future of our industry.




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